Kevin, Stop The Nonsense: Take the Logo Down and Give us the Data

by Paul Levins on March 28, 2007

To all affected by RegisterFly, I am very sorry for not having provided an update to the Blog before this. We have not been idle.

We are pursuing RegisterFly as hard as we can. The latest development is that ICANN’s General Counsel, John Jeffrey, has sent a letter to Kevin Medina telling him his ‘time is up’. Read the letter [pdf] for yourself but the key point is he should give ICANN accurate data and do it now. RegisterFly has twice now given us data. The first time it was insufficient. When we pointed that out and asked a second time – guess what? They sent us exactly the same data – insufficient only this time out of date. We need the data to allow a bulk transfer when they have their accreditation terminated.

Secondly, RegisterFly still has ICANN’s logo on it’s website even though we have demanded they take it down.

Kevin Medina is the CEO of RegisterFly.

He claims to be acting in the interests of registrants – his customers.

Every day ICANN hears from yet another registrant (another customer of yours, Kevin) saying they want to transfer away from RegisterFly but there are delays, calls that go unanswered, people put on hold without response etc, etc, etc.

So Kevin, here’s the thing: why don’t you REALLY act in the interests of registrants if you are serious. Stop mucking around with people’s lives and livelihoods. You could allow ICANN to authorise a bulk transfer, today, now, this minute. You could take the ICANN logo down today, now, this minute.

You could stop all this RIGHT NOW….and you should.

We won’t stop pursuing you under the Agreement Kevin. So get on with it.


bigfoot 03.28.07 at 4:57 am

This post and the letter convey to me a level of frustration and even anger that I’ve not felt from ICANN in any of the posts so far by members of ICANN.

Let us hope that KM actually reads, comprehends and acts upon this letter. Howver, hopefully ICANN have contingency plans for the failure to act upon the demands.

As noted, the fallout is now damaging the whole of the internet and the industries built up around the registration process. Since Feb 27th I’ve managed to get out many domain names, although I still have some trapped.

Does RF really know the registrants data or has it become so corrupt in the struggle at the top that the data itself isn’t viable. At least if KM admitted that he couldn’t deliver it would be better than this. It would be better in so far as alternative ways of obtaining the data could legitimately be explored with the registries and registrars that RF were resellers for.

I’ve had a useful e-mail exchange with both Nominet and Tucows about alternative ways of having data changed instead of by RF. Other registrars and registries could follow their lead.

Dale 03.28.07 at 5:03 am

I’m glad to see little anger from icann. I still have over 20 domains with RRP as the authcode. I have been trying to get them out for weeks.

danny 03.28.07 at 5:34 am

As of last night RegisterFly is still on ICANN’s own listing of Accredited companies.

Rui Bebiano 03.28.07 at 5:43 am

I’m sorry guys but this post is just plain pathethic and an admission of failure. I understand that you are trying to be bound by the RAA provisions but this is like telling a burgler to stop robbing the old lady at our left: “Oh please don’t be a bad boy, leave granny alone!”

What if Kevin decides to open an arbitration process? What if Kevin shuts down? what if kevin starts changing whois data in bulk

People would really like to know what provisions do you have in hand to fight back in case Kevin ( and the other Kevins in the registrar world ) just looses his last drop of sanity? Are we sitting in the edge of disaster waiting for it to happen?

Do you really think that it will be all-quiet and sun will rise splendorous on April, 1

Please, please tell me i am wrong

Roman Zeltser 03.28.07 at 5:53 am

I think this blog is for people like we are to releave the pressure. As for Kevin, he doesn’t care what you and me are writing here.
I just don’t understand the man. You see that the business has crashed. Have enough guts to do what the prudent man has to do. And then, move ahead with another business, if you will.

Why would I let all this happen? Maybe for popularity like the actors do organizing the scandals, so their name will be repeated by the press?

Anyway, is there any legal way to to take our domains away?!

A Nony Mouse 03.28.07 at 5:58 am

In Point of FACT…
It is Unified Names Inc, Registerfly and Expirefly / Expirefish that must all be included in actionable effort. RRP authcode malfunctions are but one of many grievous failure points here.

1) Renewal Failures
2) Expirefish “Grab and Monetize”
3) Incomprehensive WHOIS data
4) Control Panel out of sync, Failure to communicate.
5) Sporadic Support System
6) Arbitrary Redemption Processes

Unfortunatelly egregious errors extend back into 2006 to such an extent that some have given up on ICANN, Registerfly and all that are associated, in a breach of trust that hopefully can be redressed.

This is an unusually extreme case that requires intervention from a business and enforcement perspective.

Chris 03.28.07 at 7:59 am

A potential problem for the impending bulk transfer could be that RegisterFly itself, even if it complies, doesn’t have accurate data. I no longer have any domains at RegisterFly, but all my transfered away domains still appear in the RF control panel. Judging from the comments on various websites, that has been everybody’s experience.

I strongly suspect those domains are (and will continue to be) included in the data RegisterFly provides to ICANN and would hope that, at the time of the bulk transfer, ICANN and the receiving registrar will be performing some “is this still with RegisterFly?” check. Having just gone through a great deal of aggravation to escape RF and consolidate at another registrar, I’d not be very happy to find my domains transfered again.

This is just another one of many RegisterFly’s malfunctions, but may explain why the data ICANN is getting doesn’t change.

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 8:27 am

You are wrong. This is very serious for RegisterFly.

We are terminating their accreditation. Every registrar knows how serious termination is. That’s the equivalent, for a registrar, of giving Grandma a strong coffee, putting her into a Mack truck and having her drive it at you with her good glasses on.

Yes, there are a lot of ‘what ifs’. But what we know is that we have to follow the steps under the Agreement to terminate Rfly’s accreditation.

We simply cannot storm Rfly’s offices, call out ‘ICANN’s here, hands up” put people in handcuffs and make them do things.

The reason I wrote this post is to point out to Kevin and others at RegisterFly that they can act right now to help registrants. He can act right now to fix all this.

Sometimes being confronted with the right thing to do helps.

We started a process at our Lisbon meeting of looking at reform of the Agreement to make it less vulnerable to ‘what ifs’, and to give it more teeth.

We will continue to support registrants and as I said before we will keep pursuing RFly under the Agreement to terminate its accreditation.

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 8:30 am

This is helpful thank you. It also goes to explain why we are adamant about getting data that is accurate and up-to-date. Glad to hear that you have been able to transfer names away.

Paul Berman 03.28.07 at 9:18 am

It is about time that when you register a domain you are automatically sent the Auth Code, if thsi was done most people could move there domains away without issues.

It was not that long ago you did not need an auth code to transfer your domaij and ICANN should find a way of allowing us to do this with names registered at registerfly, you need to ensure the name is really with them and stop further transfers for a fixed period to ensure the transfer was legit

i had hosting at registerfly, the hosting servers are not there anymore, Paypal cant claim cash back for me cause there isnt any or the time since payment was made exceeds 90 days, same issues with credit card payments, its a mess and there will be others to follow at some stage

I would like to get my domains out of there but so long as RRP is the code I am stuck

Guest 03.28.07 at 9:23 am

I have noticed that RegisterFly does not have ICANN’s logo on it’s website.
I think that it is a good sign that will go together with another registrar as reseller.
I hope this will end good for us customers!

Dale 03.28.07 at 9:29 am

You don’t see this logo on their front page?

I see it.

Micky J 03.28.07 at 9:30 am

With logo or not..I still can’t log in. That’s the hardest part.

Micky J 03.28.07 at 9:32 am form the reading it states that it’s still accredited

Guest 03.28.07 at 9:39 am

I have tried to see that log in diffrent browsers and it is only a blank image in white with no ICANN on it.
I am in the same situation as you and I have called them and they told me today that are working on my problem.
What error and what e-mail do you get when you try to log in?

Joe 03.28.07 at 9:49 am


Bigfoot 03.28.07 at 9:50 am

I can confirm the logo has gone for me. I had to do a hard refresh as the page being served was a local copy (including logo) until the refresh.

Kevin Murphy 03.28.07 at 10:20 am

This is just a fuzzy idea, and not a well thought-through one…

Presumably most Registerfly customers, even those using ProtectFly, still have access to an email account at that domain, and are still able to upload files to their hosting accounts.

As a last resort, why not ask those people to upload some kind of declaration to a standardized location on their site, or something, containing contact info that would normally be found in Whois — an email address or phone number. Or have them email, from their at-risk domain, their contact info to a special ICANN address.

Such a system would probably be rife for abuse, but at least you’d have some leads on the ownership of many of these domains if the Medina hits the fan and these people stand to lose their names.

Guest 03.28.07 at 10:35 am

This is a great idea.
I have some domains and I have access to my hosting and I can put the information in there.
I mention that I can pay to ICANN for this job cause somebody is working and must be paied.
Please take this great idea into account and acct now when still the domains are working and lots of customers will thank you for this.
I advice to take individual customers and resolve them not a bulk cause it is too risky.

Guest 03.28.07 at 10:53 am

I suggest ICANN to start now and save ours domains.
Save as much as posible customers data in this way!

mark 03.28.07 at 10:56 am

What is ICANN doing about our names in the TWO EXPIREY PERIODS? Do we have any protection or do our names simple go back to the public only for some guy with sophisticated registration software grab it when if falls?

ENOM is trying to EXTORT money by charging huge fees to renew these name. ICANN should step in and provide instructions on how to save our names!!!

Anyone know what to do?

Stephen 03.28.07 at 10:58 am

There are some things that happen in this world that seem both unfair and unbelievable. This is one of those scenarios. I just cannot wrap my brain around how this is able to be happening like it is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s as if the very same laws written to somehow protect us are, in turn, hurting us even more. While this situation is ANYTHING but “by the book,” you guys are following all procedures previously drawn up “by the book” and here we all are left to wondering how the hell this was even able to happen in the first place. I mean, honestly. What a joke for you guys to have done a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y.n.o.t.h.i.n.g. in the past to accept that something like this could REALLY happen and to prepare for it with more than just some freakin’ agreement that, in the end, does all of us absolutely no good until it’s too late.

Do you guys understand this? Does ICANN accept the fact that they were truly unprepared to deal with a scenario of this magnitude? Sure, you’ve got the legal jargon covered and what not but I’m astounded that this all has to just happen the way it’s going to happen with no immediate results… and to think, I’m just one of the people with websites fulfilling personal ventures! Just imagine the business men and women who are impacted by this. Whole businesses with domains just shut down and all data lost.

You are VERY right when you say that this Kevin Medina shyster is toying with the well-being of many, many people. How is it that you guys can’t do more than your agreement will let you? These guys have gone BEYOND atrocious acts and as far as I see it, all bets should be off!

I hope this Kevin Medina character loses an incredible amount of sleep at night, that’s all I can say.

And yes, I do understand that you guys are bound by law to do this or that per your agreement but having to “go by the book” with this very anti-“by the book” situation seems to be incredibly unfair… INCREDIBLY unfair.

Joseph Smith 03.28.07 at 12:09 pm

Wow, it really sounds like ICANN is losing it. Is this just me?

WK 03.28.07 at 12:46 pm

Finally i get the 11 codes i need, sended to a Moniker Guy.

They are doing things.

Thumbs Up !

elmister 03.28.07 at 1:13 pm

Registerfly is still listed as an accredited registrar in your site and you are asking RF to remove logo, but you are still listing RF, i don’t see any nonsense in RF showing icann logo, the same reason for your listing applies to the logo.

But RF has removed the logo, it’s not there now

elmister 03.28.07 at 1:16 pm

and that’s true, registerfly is *still* accredited, they are not lying, registerfly is still listed in verisign as an accredited registrar, and says ‘pending’ termination, so it’s not yet terminated.

mark 03.28.07 at 1:28 pm

I SERIOUSLY QUESTION if ICANN has a clue as to what’s going on with Registerfly. Sure they may have revoked their accreditation but did nothing for the ACTUAL domains/domainholders with REGISTERFLY.

And if what Elmister posted is true, they JUST PROVED they have their head where the sun don’t shine.

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 3:41 pm

yes it is still accredited till it is terminated. But we have issued a notice that tells them of our intention to terminate.

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 3:44 pm


Let me talk to Mike Zupke and others abt this. Appreciate the thoughts.

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 3:48 pm

We haven’t ‘done nothing’. That’s wrong.

I do get that you are very upset and I understand that completely. I am particularly affected by the stories of people’s lives and businesses being turned upside down because of Rfly. We are doing all we can at this point.

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 3:51 pm

No – we’re not losing it. As of about 2 hours ago RegisterFly took down ICANN’s logo from its site. That indicates that this blog and our legal approach is having its effect. We remain resolute to terminate RFly’s accerditation.

We want to supprt Registrants as much as we can.

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 3:57 pm

Yes they are technically accredited as a registrar. But the point abt the ICANN logo is that we have provided notice that they will be terminated and we asked them to take down our logo. It’s like your car won’t be registered because it’s not roadworthy but you try to convince people it is by showing them an old sticker. That’s why it had to come down.

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 4:04 pm


That’s not true. We have worked with registrars to stop names in the RGP from being deleted. We have helped many hundreds of individual complainants to get names transferred, we have pursued RFly to terminate their accreditation, we’ve kept information flowing through our website and the blog, we’ve started a whole reform process of the RAA. We have shone a light publicly on what is happening.

We will continue to support registrants any way that we can.

WK 03.28.07 at 4:27 pm

Well, i think is good idea do something about the sites with Fake o inaccurate data.

Do u have a plan to detect and resolve unmanaged situations now ?

I think :

1 ) What do if u are a priest, and someone fake a Porn site and put you as the owner, with RIGHT data including email ? In some scenarios mail is not possible, but in others, yes.

2 ) Some warning for the people who have as owner a email in the same domain

3 ) Some method to prevent privacy losses. – protectfly someone ?

4 ) some method to check and prevent stolen domains via reseller, more common in WWD resellers as far i know.

5 ) What about the bogus data info in whois ? I am thinking in more than the thousand use and drop cheap domains. I am thinking in domains with Wrong data, as this :

check the xxxxxxxxxx , THIS IS NOT THE DOMAIN, but i have some problems with local lawsuits for defamation, and have fake data or privacy activated. We are blocked in that cases.

Chris Padfield 03.28.07 at 6:02 pm

I have domains where the whois is correct but no auth code is displayed. When I say no auth code, it is not RRP and not even text to say this is where the auth code should be is displayed. The domains are also definitely with registerfly and not at enom.

What I don’t understand is why ICANN can not get me the auth code. The whois is correct, the auth codes must exist outside registerfly for them to be used in validation – so who has these auth codes and why does icann not have access to them?

Solving this problem in the future is very simple, just go and do what nominet, the UK registry does and has done for years.

a) Automatically enable protection in whois, but keep the real personal data.
b) When a domain is registered, icaan sends an email (even better post a letter like nominet does) with the auth code to the domain owner.

Problem solved. Not exactly rocket science.

I have to say I am also somewhat bored of the whole ‘please wait 5 days for registerfly to get back to you’ from icann when you email them. I have been told this 3 times, any response as to how absurd this is just gets greated with the same ‘please wait 5 days’. I assume the system is really just an autoresponder now?

Chris 03.28.07 at 6:44 pm

I’d like to add that Google uses this method to verify domain ownership for Google Apps services. An alternate method they offer involves adding a CNAME alias record pointing to in the domain’s DNS zone.

For this to work securely, the process would have to be:

1) Owner contacts the entity they want to prove ownership to; entity gives the owner a unique code;
2) Owner places the code in a file hosted on the website accessible via the domain (or creates a DNS entry containing it);
3) Entity confirms that has been done and considers domain ownership to be confirmed.

The greatest abuse potential here would be rogue hosting companies, which may decide it is worth their while to steal their customers’ domain.

rashal 03.28.07 at 7:37 pm is a total fraud.

Everyone should file complaint through State of New Jersey website

Dale 03.28.07 at 8:06 pm

Can we assume that the auth code RRP is the old RRP system ICANN required registars to upgrade from in October 2006?

Since they are RRP, why can’t ICANN let select current registrars use the old RRP system to transfers RF domains out without the new EPP auth codes.

Fred Boulton 03.28.07 at 8:19 pm

So where, Paul, are you going to get data that is relevant and up-to-date?

RF doesn’t have it, as all of their data is hopelessly out of date.

All of my domains, 60+, have been transferred away, but are all still showing in my RF account.

Does this mean that if RF hands over their data to ICANN that I am going to have problems?

I’ve had enough problems, thank you. I need reassurance here, along with 1000s of other registrants in the same situation.

kim 03.28.07 at 8:32 pm

Unfortunately I do not think ICANN can remove that until 15 days has transpired since giving RF notice of termination.

Fred Boulton 03.28.07 at 8:45 pm

So where is ICANN going to get data that is relevant and up-to-date?

RF doesn’t have it, as all of their data is hopelessly out of date.

All of my domains, 60+, have been transferred away, but are all still showing in my RF account.

Does this mean that if RF hands over their data to ICANN that I am going to have problems because my domains are still showing in my RF account and could be handed over to another Registrar?

I’ve had enough problems, thank you. I need reassurance here, along with 1000s of other registrants in the same situation.

Peter A 03.28.07 at 8:53 pm


If ICANN is forced to do a bulk transfer with bogus/incomplete registerfly data, it would only affect domains that registerfly is the REGISTRAR OF RECORD. Correct?

ie: If someones domain has been moved to a different registrar of record for whatever reason, it won’t be included in the bulk I assume.

In my situation I was able to transfer out all except 1 domain (not popular) that they lost. The one that they did lose, I was lucky to regain via a backorder.

Thank You.

(Sorry for the comment at p=74, that was an accident. It was meant for here.)

Joe 03.28.07 at 9:57 pm

If you have fake data in the WHOIS on purpose, then you should be SOL, and deserve no sympathy.

frustrated 03.28.07 at 10:56 pm


I appreciate your intentions and actions. But we need action for registrants caught in this nightmare. For example, a place for registrants to submit domains names with issues, that ICANN will “support” to help prevent them from being grabbed by other parties, registrars, etc. until all this is resolved.

I have transferred away over 100 domain names from RF, but have over 100 more still there, which cannot be transferred because:
expired even though I paid RF and was charged (fraud)
auth codes invalid
whois problems- wrong data, someone else’s whois data (KM) in my domain name
or protectfly is on and can’t change

I’ve spent hours getting nowhere with RF:
support tickets closed for no reason
or given wrong responses
or stock response that said nothing
or no reply for over a month
on hold for hours waiting for phone support
if finally speaking to someone only response was they’re working on it, try again tomorrow
and RF’s back end management is a mess…

I have domains that I paid 100’s for and don’t know if I’m still going to own them at the end of this, I know of one so far that is for sale at another registrar for $200.

Many of the names in limbo are for my clients, (one is for a non-profit organization) I don’t know what I’ll say to any of them if the names are lost.

These are my issues with RF, but I’m sure others can add to this, and I bet many with just a few names at RF don’t even know what’s going on.


Please set up a site or a form so registrants can document their issues. Do something for the registrants. Not to placate them, but to show ICANN is supporting them, by doing the right thing and putting the registrants first,


Very Frustrated

Glenn Reisig 03.28.07 at 11:03 pm

I need to understand why eNom too is not being investigated. I have repeatedly sent them emails, phone calls unansered and other forms of attempts but they too only sent one message in my question as to WHY THEY TOOK THE MONEY FOR EACH ATTEMPT TO TRANSFER, HELD MY FUNDS, REFUSE A MEANS OF SUPPORT or to ASK WHERE MY MONEY IS AND IF I EVER WILL HAVE IT RETURNED. I saved the email repl, the only one from them other than to ask me to RENEW NOW (which again does not work) was to tell me THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE and sorry we cannot answer your questions at this time.

I lost over half my domainNames already and have been TRYING TO GET THEM MOVED FOR MONTHS (over 6 months) but NOT ONCE WILL THE GO, I lost over both ENOM and REGISTERFLY so Kevin is not the ONLY ONE PLAYING THE GAME.

Kevin I told you 4 years ago to watch your people. I told you that I stopped UNTIL I TOUGHT ICANN did their job and things CHANGED. Boy what a fool we all are to trust ICANN to do, ENOM to what to offer help before TAKING WHAT REG FLY LOSES and Kevin to think moving to Flordia would help.

Who is responsible for my lost domains, my customers may wish to SUE all parties in the end. International mess. What guarantees do we have this will not happen again and that ENOM will be held accountable as well for this mess. I think THEY NEED TO OFFSET THE EXPENSE to keep the business or be required to SUBMIT A NEW APPLICATION and be RECONSIDERED. They need to HELP FOR THE MONEY THEY TAKE AND NOT JUST A ONE TIME REPLY TELLING US OWELL.



Glenn Reisig 03.28.07 at 11:14 pm

eMail to ENOM 1 of VERY MANY without REPLY

You will see I will not stop until I get what I lost from your COMPANYS’ lack of responsibility. I can force this issue now more easily and everyday more so. I don’t wish to battle you too, but WE NEED WHAT IS RIGHT. Your company let us down and needs to SAVE FACE and money by TRYING TO avoid lawsuits.

What you need to do is to EXTEND the domains for one year and to allow the immediate transfers to eNom WITHOUT BEING CHARGED A PENNY.

Your reoccurring business and NEW business will easy cover this expense. Is it not fair and the right thing to do? Go look as I posted this question as well online. You need to be held accountable as well.

I send over 50 emails to your company, not once a reply to even say you didn’t get them. I called many times and have the Thailand Phone bill to prove it. Who is to pay for the music I wish not to hear, my tastes are not the same as YOURS FOR SURE with music. I really hate to pay SO MUCH TO HEAR ONLY THAT.

If you send EMAIL that I cannot reply to is considered SPAM technically and so should look into that as well. False advertising is also easy to prove at this point. You have to INTEST TO MAKE MONEY not do it on our backs.

PS This email is POSTED ON blog.ICANN.ORG

Streak of
Glenn Reisig
+66 87 245 3412 is the one next to be lost… 4-4 it is done and I can’t renew, transfer or anything as for some time. What to do? Will eNom help? They have so much of the DATA BASE ALREADY!

Glenn Reisig 03.28.07 at 11:42 pm

Hey will the President of Big Daddy step in and offer us FREE RESELLER ACCOUNTS and the YEARS on them to transfer? What good promotions and we know we can TRUST THEM. Some of us don’t make millions and the little we make is lost. That would be the best news of it all. Get the help from the best.

Thanks help in advance, I will email this to the PRES office there, I still have that email.

Streak of

Eliza 03.28.07 at 11:46 pm

I have attempted to contact ICANN for advice a number of times recently, but not once have I received a reply to my query. I realise that you are overwhelmed with queries at the present time but I am concerned about what action I should be taking. I have over 30 domains registered through registerfly and as much as I would love to transfer them away I cannot afford to at the present time – the solutions I have looked into are around $10 per domain. Thats a lot for over 30.

Anyone got any advice?

Paul Levins 03.28.07 at 11:54 pm


Please send your inquiry to


Fred Boulton 03.29.07 at 12:12 am

GoDaddy have been a tower of strength for me through this ordeal and they have special prices for RF transfers: $6.25 , which includes 1 year renewal . This would reduce your cost by a large amount.

Godaddy will give you help and support, their ‘phone support is nothing short of THE BEST, take it from me.

Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 12:59 am

Glenn, thank you for your comment.

I would ask however that you restrict the amount of CAPS in future posts. They are an immediate warning flag and will see greater consideration given to deleting the post altogether.

You have an important point to make, and we are happy to help by providing you with a public spot to raise that point but at the same time, the public nature of this blog makes us far more comfortable with calm and reasoned responses.

Kieren McCarthy
General manager of public participation, ICANN

Nick 03.29.07 at 2:19 am

ICANN, you repeatedly ignored the warnings of RegisterFly’s implosion. You’ve admitted this much and everyone has hit this fact at you in their own way.

Now stop ignoring eNom. There are a number of comments appearings in these blogs regarding eNom’s service. In my case they have been intermittantly replying, forgetting previous replies and going back on what they’ve said, or simply ignoring all communication. End of warning.

Now, second thing, stop complaining there’s nothing you can do about RegisterFly.

1) Noone is going to sue you if you exceed your power for the good of hundreds of thousands, nay, millions of people.

2) RegisterFly’s employees would welcome it. An end to the infinately high mountain of emails they are trying to handle, and a chance to crush their boss.

3) There are some things you can do which do not exceed your legal power:

4) Forcibly update the database to add an extra year onto current domains and save ones in renewal grace period (maybe?).

5) Forcibly transfer domains sans authcodes.

6) Forcibly restore domains stolen by squatters.


On another note, instead of ICANN’s logo being taken down by editing the page, it has simply been turned to white. This is more evidence to suggest that the employees of RegisterFly did it, and that Kevin Medina has password-locked the website so noone can edit it. Previous indications of this were the rude messages appearing, in the form of adverts in the usual advert space for RegisterFly offers on some pages. E.g., “Our boss KEVIN won’t give you your money or domains – GET OUT”. It seems the people trying to clean up this mess are…. hmmm…. EVERYBODY…… except…… KM…. But he really is though – the ONLY person who doesn’t care about fixing this, and the ONLY one we are waiting for except for ICANN itself.

Pete 03.29.07 at 2:24 am = unknown user
(the address does not exist)

Fred Boulton 03.29.07 at 2:26 am

How true about the ICANN logo, which is now just a white image that links to:

which states:

“, inc. is an ICANN Accredited registrar. provides industry leading 24/7 Support via a variety of methods which includes, phone, email, ticket system.”

withheld 03.29.07 at 3:26 am

My problem is apparently unique as I have not seen any other complaints on any boards. I only have a handful of names with RF, all for personal use, which I am unable to transfer.

Through all this mess I have been keeping a close eye on my whois info, which has been “updated” by RF several times. Several weeks ago, my whois information for one domain was made public without my knowledge or my permission. ProtectFly is turned off for this domain, and I can’t do a thing about it. Every important piece of private information that I protect so carefully is out there, available to the world at large. I’m not saying RF did this on purpose. Perhaps their servers went down for the last time while I was trying to disable ProtectFly to get new authorization codes.

I have contacted ICANN twice for help, the second time receiving an email to wait 5 days. RF has not contacted me, nor do I expect them to. I would be very happy for that domain to just be deleted. I obviously don’t want it now.

What happens if this drags out and I can’t protect my private information over a long period of time? What a helpless feeling.

ICANN, thank you for what you are trying to do for us. You are taking a lot of heat. As a CS manager, my philosophy is to take care of the customer and the problem first. THEN you go back to find out what caused it and fix it. I know a lot of people are angry and rightly so. However, I would prefer that ICANN not have to fight battles right now but be able to focus 100% on the immediate problems, putting out the fires. There is plenty of time later to point fingers.

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 3:36 am

Please do let as many media know as possible.

In fact we have AAP, Portugese media, The Register, and number of other media here and we have issued a number of press releases here asking media to tune in, but we would like more.

So please encourage them.

Tom 03.29.07 at 3:59 am

Is this a personal blog?

G Clemens 03.29.07 at 4:19 am

Icann only stepped in when they found out they were getting sued. Icann is only worried about their fees. One year later they are doing something. Icann shame on you your 8 months late. Hope you sleep well at night knowing you have earned your pay checks-not!

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 4:21 am

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 4:24 am

This is wrong. Please read the blog carefully and you will see what we have done. You can also find the facts in correspondence we have posted. We have also helped hundreds individually to transfer.

Our primary interest is registrants not fees.

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 4:24 am


no it’s a corporate blog for ICANN.

Paul Levins

Mike 03.29.07 at 4:41 am

I’d like to express my appreciation for everything you have done to help us in this horrendous situation. I have lost domains like others and still have problems getting domains out, but I see the actions you are taking and it seems to me over and above what you are required, indeed allowed to do.

Please keep up the work on behalf of us, and know that in spite of the negative postings here there are many of us who are grateful that you stepped into this and are actively persuing a just resolution for us.

Maybe I won’t get all my domains back but thank you for your efforts. And I do hope this situation results in your organization getting the authority to really regulate and control the domain registration business. Good luck to you Paul and the rest of the people working behind the scenes.

Eliza 03.29.07 at 4:49 am

$6.25 for 34 domains = over $212

To be quite honest I’m going to end up leaving them. What I really want to know is what ICANN suggest I should be doing. I simply cannot afford to transfer them as it stands, and I am annoyed that this is the situation I am in.

Sander J. Rabinowitz 03.29.07 at 5:14 am

I know that R’Fly was at one point based in NJ (and they may still be)…but didn’t Kevin Medina recently attempt to move his base of operations to FL? –SJR

Sander J. Rabinowitz 03.29.07 at 5:16 am


Presumably this entire page will need to be taken down effective 1 April–

Just FYI for now, I suppose. –SJR

Kerim 03.29.07 at 5:21 am

We have bought 3 years ago throught’s re-seller Registerfly. Even thought I renewed my domain, site is down for more than 5 days.

Because is now directed to’s DNS servers



I have tried to contact tham via e-mail and fax, asking

to change back my DNS address, but nobody answers.I have waited on the phone more than an hour to reach you to talk. It not even possible to create a free account from because they block the IPs limit the account access. Not only they are taking no responsibility bu also they are using OUR domain for your web traffic and advertising purposes. is now using my site’s traffic and gives advertisng links to their affiliates.

They SURE know the situation but they are using it on their favor.

Mark Witting 03.29.07 at 5:52 am

Message for kevin,
I know you must be busy packing your bags or watching your back or whatever you are doing, you toss!
But could you please correct the registrant information on my domain and the other domains that you have changed registrant information to yours from my correct information.

I do not want to have to give you a rap on the nuckles like with

Remember YOU LOST because you are a Loser.

And Icann no need to concern yourself with the matter, I know you can do nothing, I have decided to just take the matter into my hands.

Concerned about the integrity of the internet industry!

Mark Witting

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 6:10 am

Well, they don’t have a great record of removing material from their website.

March 31 was the date at which accreditation would be terminated if Rfly did not decide to dispute the accreditation through an dispute resolution provider.

Rfly has decided to do that.

I will post on what this means later today

noreply 03.29.07 at 6:18 am

I have been contacting ICANN for over a month by email for help and have only gotten emails that said wait 2 days, then wait 5 days… No signature… No help transfering…

By phone, no one at ICANN wants to give their name… No response except ICANN is doing all they can. The only suggestion I got was send email to “they are the registrar experts” which i had been doing and their answer from them is contact registrar and away registrar which of course I had been doing too. RF no response. New registrar, RF info no good.
Just going around in circles.

Where is the help transfering?


noreply 03.29.07 at 6:31 am


Tell us what ICANN is going to do for us.


Tim Blothers 03.29.07 at 6:55 am

I would like to hear also…Tell us what ICANN is going to do for us????

NAMEWITHHELD 03.29.07 at 7:13 am

ICANN – Get ready for some heavy duty lawsuits!! You will be a defendant in our suit as well as hundreds of others.

Not every RF domain holder is a stupid kid. There are many Multi-Million and Billion $$$ Corporations out here and we are coing for Kevin and also you all at ICANN.

You all are much too worried about the food selection at your latest conference, Soccer games and press pictures to be bothered with a total meltdown of a large registrar.

Lots of lip service. That is all we get from ICANN!!

Tom 03.29.07 at 7:22 am

I sure hope ICANN follows through on April 1. They need to get a court order to seize all registrant records (accurate or not), they further need to FREEZE all expiring domains to make sure the owner is given a chance to renew. Inaccurate records, transferred domains still showing up in my regfly acct., it is going to be a big headache, but the process needs to start NOW!


Shannon 03.29.07 at 7:29 am

Anyone else notice that is down right now? So far, my domain is still up, though being held hostage by someone I cannot even SEE at this point. ICANN, you are ignoring my emails now too. How quaint. I hope you are all busy behind the scenes working on a way to save us all. Because right now, I have to rename my company and call 40,000 customers to tell them that my domain will be changing and to look for me in a new place. I smell legal action. ICANN, CAN’T.

Oh, but ICANN has a new website! WOO HOO! >:)

Shannon 03.29.07 at 7:35 am

Regfly is back up without the ICANN logo…..

Now Kevin, About that data….

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 7:35 am

This is wrong.

We have not paid lip service to these issues.

The conference was long planned and in fact allowed us to progress debate with Registrars and registrants about reforming the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

We are still responding to entries on this blog and providing information to registrants. We are still pursuing Rfly in a determined fashion.

Dale 03.29.07 at 7:45 am

Al Capone went to jail for income tax evasion.

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 7:51 am

The fact that we have a new web site is not the issue.

We are not ignoring registrants at all. We are not ignoring emails. Everyone knows that many many people have been affected by the Rfly situation. We have a small staff and (like you) face the prospect of responding to a large group of people, so your email may well still be being processed.

I completely understand your frustration and anger.

And yes – as you would know – often a lot of work occurs behind the scenes to get a result.

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 7:53 am

Thank you Mike

Chris 03.29.07 at 8:06 am

Yes, your complaint about not being able to turn ProtectFly on is unique — most other people are trying to turn it off at this time. :)

ProtectFly has been discussed on this blog before and my understanding is that RF has so far failed to provide ICANN with the unmasked, actual ownership data for ProtectFly-enabled domains. To reduce the risk of domain loss, my advice would be that you turn ProtectFly off for all your domains and leave it that way until you can get them out of RegisterFly. I did that immediately upon hearing about RF’s troubles.

Roy 03.29.07 at 8:28 am

Anyone else having a problem with whois. After 3 months of fighting to get an authcode, I finally did . .but at that point my whois data got corrupted and no site can transfer the domain with out a valid whois record. When I do whois on my domain i get this:

egistration Service Provided By:

Unable to process whois lookup, the error returned was:

gc:sc:Unable to establish session for *******.com

Please try again in a few moments

I talked to Mike Z about this, he emailed regfly / oscar. . .nothing happened. I got through to tech support literally begging for them to fix the whois info . .they said they would send it to their “tech dept” and nothing has changed since. Its like they are purposefully messing with me to keep my name at regfly. All this for .25 cents of profit?


Edwin 03.29.07 at 8:44 am

Can somebody please help me in getting the auth code for .name domains from registerfly? I posted a comment at and sent email twice to and and, but nothing seem to have any help.

No respond from since 14/03/2007 and
GNR keep referring me away.

All i want is the auth code to transfer my .name domain away from registerfly…
I don’t even have a clear idea what is bulk transfer icann is doing…

A Nony Mouse 03.29.07 at 8:57 am

Please – ICANN
have all registrars accept RRP as a valid authcode durinf this problem.

Tom 03.29.07 at 9:10 am

As far as Rfly disputing their termination, what is going to happen in the meantime as more and more people have “pendingdelete” domains? Action to protect these expiring names needs to happen on April 1st!


Philip Dixon 03.29.07 at 9:10 am

Hi; I just wanted to mention that I too have attempted to unlock my domains from Rfly and have had no success. I have some expirations at the beginning of next month. I had started the process of getting out of Rfly about 45 days ago. I have been very patient, thinking that the process would work itself out. Am still hopeful that will be the case. My apologies, but I am posting this simply because I wish to go on record with ICANN as being affected by this fiasco. Thank you for reading.

A Nony Mouse 03.29.07 at 9:16 am

OK cool
then promptly email every domain presented in correspondence , the authcode of that domain to the Admin of the domain in whois.

Then you can say you are doing something.

Mike Zupke 03.29.07 at 10:00 am

As you’ve observed, “RRP” is a protocol, not an auth code. RRP, which has been phased out for all gTLD registries and registrars, did not use auth codes. The listing of “RRP” in your customer control panel doesn’t mean anything more than that Registerfly is incompetent at providing auth codes through its control panel. Nevertheless, the auth code is still required for transfer.

anonymous 03.29.07 at 10:19 am

If you ask me any domain with fake whois data should be just deleted since it violates the registration policy. If your too stupid to comply with policy then you deserve to have the domain deleted. Simple.

David 03.29.07 at 10:38 am

My domain,, suffered from the common issue of not being able to be renewed. After 2 weeks of downtime and $45 later I was able to renew through eNom.

I still have $7.99 in my RegisterFly account for the failed renewal. I have an open support ticket requesting a refund that has recieved no response. Phone calls go unanswered. They’ve deleted all of my support tickets relating to my failed renewal.

Seeing RegisterFly shut down will be worth the $7.99 that I never expect to see again. Sign me up for the class action lawsuit when it comes around. With RegisterFly all but shut down and seemingly broke the next logical target seems to be eNom.

While I appreciate their help with resolving my domain issue, I think the $52.99 I paid for a 1 year renewal is a little high, especially when I was left with no other option but to pay it.

It’s always easy to look back and say that ICANN should have done more but from someone that has been watching this unfold during the last few months I think ICANN has stepped up and has done a lot. By the tone of this post I think they’re looking forward to shutting RegisterFly down as much as RegisterFly’s customers are.


Chris Padfield 03.29.07 at 10:49 am

I recommend not bothering to do that. I have emailed them and every time I am told to wait 5 days while they send the enquiry to registerfly. After 5 days are up they will just tell you to email them again. You might as well just email support@registerfly, you will get the same level of response as emailing which simply forwards your email to registerfly and then does nothing else.

Eliza 03.29.07 at 11:36 am

I sent an email, and received nothing more than a standard response asking for my registerfly details. Since all I was asking was for some advice on what would happen after the 31st if I did not manage to transfer them away I was left disapointed. It would have taken little more than a minute to offer a little advice, but it seems I can expect no more from ICANN than I could from registerfly

Stuart 03.29.07 at 11:44 am

This all seems wonderful and everything, but I think what a lot of people would like to know is what ICANN can do to help them – those people who are facing paying out large amounts of money to transfer their domains to another registrar for example!

They are doing nothing, thats what!

It hardly seems fair that some customers, probably new customers who have only just purchased their domains, are not facing paying out for their domains again. These customers who could have been protected if ICANN had actually responded sooner to the vast quantity of people who were complaining.

I have heard a lot of people talk about how they are going to improve the system so this is less likely to happen again – but what about those of us who are affected now?? Those of us who purchased domains in good faith, only to be forced into paying out money to transfer them to another registrar?? What about us? A nice clear piece of advice would be nice, rather than a bunch of excuses and waffle.

Kamil Iskra 03.29.07 at 11:54 am

Interested in the class action lawsuit? Here you go:

And, yes, eNom is mentioned in the lawsuit as well (justly, I think), and so is ICANN (personally, I have some doubts whether they deserve to be sued, although I do wish that they had acted sooner).

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 12:01 pm

I’m sorry. I have been a little swamped but that is no excuse in the circumstances. There are a lot of what ifs. Rfly has the ability under the contract to seek dispute resolution within the 15 day notice of termination period. They have exercised that oprtion and so remain accredited for a further 30 days or until the termination is considered appropriate by the dispute resolution authority.

So if you wish to transfer away and you have not succeeded by Sunday you will still have time to do that.

Jer 03.29.07 at 12:28 pm

With the freedom and lawless behavior Registrars have currently why would they want to change the RAA. They will pay lip service saying they want to reform this and that, but its just that talk. Oh sure they may do a way with private registrations or such, but bottom line is they aren’t in it for the registrants. It is all about power and control.

So again I ask why would the registrars want real change? They don’t and the won’t. Even if a new RAA contract is forged like the current registrars will run to be bound to the new agreement. The only chance for real change is for a higher power to force change, ie the US Government. ICANN is around due to its charter with the US Government.

ICANN ignored all the warning signs of a failing company and sat on your hands. Now only after a major issue do you try to control this problem. Even Larry Seltzer from eWeek mentioned to ICANN this could happen years ago. Since ICANN has no teeth this is like a woman yelling to her ex I have a court order don’t come in here! What he is coming now?

Okay piece of paper go stop him before he beats me up. What’s that? You just sit there?

So much for ink on paper; a paper tiger.

To quote Churchill, “Full of sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing”

What say you ICANN?

Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:04 pm

We don’t know – neither do you – whether RegisterFly’s data is up to date or not. But we are taking every step we can to find out, to get hold of it and to stabilise the situation.

We are more than aware of the problems this is causing registrants and we are doing all we can to make sure that they are over as soon as possible.


ENOM IS NOT BETTER 03.29.07 at 1:10 pm

If not answering customer questions is a crime, then MANY service providers out there will have a hard life… e.g. I am waiting since two weeks for an answer by enom about my domains registered with RF (and enom whois, of course)- no reaction! Nothing!

I think the whole industry stinks, it is time to clean up that dirty piece of wild west – making money with words and giving a damn, thats really COOL American Bullshit.

ICANN people as one of the heads of that business should also completely be sent to Guantanamo – this is well organized online terrorism!

Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:17 pm


You raise some excellent points. And these are exactly the sort of questions (among many others) that ICANN tries to answer by holding wide, open, public consultations.

But as this RegisterFly example has made clear, the Internet and domain names are not simple. Everyone on the Internet has a view of how it should work – and many don’t understand how it currently works.

We are always trying to engage people, educate people and change the system where it is needed. That is why we had the RegisterFly open forum session, and why we will continue to review the agreement that underpin the domain name system.

Please follow what we do, engage the meetings we have on the public participation website (at, and post your responses on our forums. We are listening.


Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:22 pm


As this situation has made very clear, there are problems in the system. We are looking at the solutions – and there are alot of them.

The reality is that if you just change the system because of one issue, you risk creating dozens of other unforeseen issues. And so we’re are doing all we can to deal with the RegisterFly problems as they are now, and then we will carefully change the system by consulting with everyone to make sure it doesn’t happen again — without inadvertently creating even bigger problems in the future.


Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:31 pm

Let’s be clear about this: RegisterFly’s actions have been appalling. And that is why ICANN is doing everything within its power to sort the situation out AND to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The system set up to produce the registrar market simply never assumed that one company would behave in such a fashion – acting against both their and their customers’ interests.

This failure to predict the future is not exactly unprecedented. The Internet today is virtually unrecognisable to the one it was just a few years ago. If you tried to predict what might happen in future and then put controls in place to make sure that that fear didn’t happen, you destroy the very freedom that has made the Net what it is.

We will make sure the lessons from this are learnt. Does this mean there weren’t be more problems in future? Sadly not. But this particular problem will be squashed.


Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:35 pm

Online terrorism?

Are we rapidly approaching Godwin’s Law here?


Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:42 pm

You are wrong Jer, the vast majority of domains held by registrants are acquired through entirely reputable and professional companies. You can’t write off a whole industry because of one rogue.

And registrars do care- they care alot. Why? Because confidence lost in the domain market is confidence lost in their entire businesses.

ICANN may not be able to go rushing in and shut down registrars but then is that what you really want from *any* company on the Internet? That sort of power is exactly what destroys the extraordinary creativity and flexibility of the Internet that has given you Google and Skype; RSS and Twitter.

ICANN will sort this out. That it can’t do it in a day is frustrating – and enormously frustrating for those at the end of it – but ICANN is going nowhere. Think of it more as the guard dog just waiting for the stranger to come out the house.


Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:45 pm

This blog is not an advertisement for legal actions. I have edited out the link you posted here.


Sean 03.29.07 at 1:52 pm

It seems that they removed ICAAN’s logo from theire site. I was somehow lucky, My domains are transferred and safe, Hope we dont face such a problem with another registerar.

ICANN can do a permanent monitoring on all registerars and warn them if they do wrong, and dont let theme to become a mess like RF.

I dont want to see again!

Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:55 pm


We know. To be frank, this is driving us crazy. We are doing all we can to sort this out.


Kieren McCarthy 03.29.07 at 1:59 pm

In 1998, a law passed in the U.S. state of Virginia allows drivers to keep their road kill, as long as they report it within 12 hours.

If you going to offer irrelevant facts, you might as well make them intriguingly useless.


Jer 03.29.07 at 2:02 pm

ICANN ignored clear warning signs of Registerfly’s failures for over a year. They had a growing number of complaints. They were even denied access to Registerfly’s database last year after someone lost over 200 domains, yet they did nothing.

Now ICANN has to acquire the data from Registerfly to protect the real owners. Ah… hmmm…. seems to be a problem with that. The company doesn’t cooperate but suddenly they will turn over their data?

ICANN could also hurt domain squatters (which the huge ones have accreditation – I have found some) by stopping the five day return policy. When you register a domain name you should have to pay for it pain and simple. Nope ICANN is by design there to protect registrars not registrants, which is part of the problem.

You are correct not “all” registrars are uncaring however the industry is loaded with them. In fact many registrars are owned by the same company. So why has ICANN handed accreditations to the same company or failed to revoke some if a company keeps buying others? Why because there is much fraud in the industry.

So I repeat ICANN has done little to nothing to protect registrants. Mr. Seltzer has been writing about ICANN’s lack of action for years and now suddenly they are saviors? Ha.

What good is a guard dog standing outside when there is something going on inside? Ah… not much.

What say you ICANN?

Jer 03.29.07 at 2:13 pm

I would like to add I am not against the idea of ICANN and nor am I against companies trying to earn a living (many of here are). However having said that this should be done in a fair and ethical manner and the oversight body should be on top of things to help control problems.

I acknowledge you can’t think of everything and issue occur, however in this case ICANN had a lot of warning. They just choose to ignore it.

To answer the above question about a “swat” type team for domains. I would say we need a power than can act faster than ICANN. You have the courts and you have the police, so there is a checks and balance. The power, obviously, would need its checks too, but if you have a rogue registrar that has building complaints why shouldn’t there be a team that can come in after a set period and take action?


Shaun 03.29.07 at 2:56 pm

Ahh! Created 1700 support tickets over 1 day explaining quite clearly the situation and all the details of the domain in question and demanding they give the auth code on threat of legal action. (wrote a script to sit there and submit them).

What do they do? Delete them!

I also discovered that RegisterFly’s support ticket system has a slightly shocking bug. Two support tickets created in the same second by different accounts appear on the wrong/ or on both accounts and one will get entered as a reply to the other instead of separate tickets. Idiots. Know anybody of a better word?

ChiTown 03.29.07 at 3:09 pm

I still have over 1100 domains there and for me to transfer them out would cost me around 10 grand..

I do have copys of all the purchase orders from Regfly and know the domains.

What I want to know is how ICANN is coming on the
reasignment of domains to other Registrars?

ChiTown 03.29.07 at 3:17 pm

If you can log in and get to your whois info go to the line
that says Orginazation and delete the NONE.
Leave it blank and your Whois will show the registrant
instead of being blank or saying None..

ChiTown 03.29.07 at 3:23 pm

“Ahh! Created 1700 support tickets over 1 day explaining quite clearly the situation and all the details of the domain in question and demanding they give the auth code on threat of legal action. (wrote a script to sit there and submit them”

I’m sure that helped.
I know if I saw 1700 tickets from the same person I’d act
right away to solve their problum. LOL!

Bigfoot 03.29.07 at 3:25 pm

Creating 1700 tickets and them deleting them is diverting whoever is working at RF from their real task of helping everyone.

It’s not really helpful to the rest of the community to swamp them with 1700 tickets that are similar or the same nor will it solve your problems.

I’ve had about 5 tickets open for nearly 3 weeks without a reply from RF – no the wonder if people are creating 1700 for them to delete!

Patrick McDermott 03.29.07 at 4:10 pm

Hi bigfoot,

I would like to know how you were able to get Tucows to help.

They seem unreachable by telephone no matter which tel # I called including Sales..

Many of us have .US domains regged at RegFly but Tucows is the Registrar of record. It is not possible to get the Auth Code from RegFly.

I am not the only one who has not been able to contact Tucows.

Thanks for any response.

Paul Levins 03.29.07 at 4:18 pm


You have been a regular visitor here and I appreciate your advice and counsel to others. Hang in there.


Patrick McDermott 03.29.07 at 4:31 pm

Paul or Kieran,

Many of us have .US domains registered at RegisterFly but Tucows is the Registrar of record.

I have found it impossible to get the Auth Code.

On Tucows website you are directed to tale up any issues with the Reseller.

That would be okay under normal circumstances but this situation is NOT normal.

Tucows is NOT reachable by telephone no matter what tel # you try.

Emails are not answered.

Under the circumstances I want to ask ICANN to get Tucows involved and get help to those of us that want to get the Auth Code for our .US domains.

Or perhaps you can get Neustar involved.

Thank you.

repb 03.29.07 at 4:43 pm

This is utterly seroius problem that seems to not have got proper atention.

Has RF asked for arbitration? If yes this could delay solution for several weeks if not months!

in the face of this why aren’t the registries aplying REGISTRY-LOCK to domains or using any other method that stop domians from expiring?

If all else fail, and since it looks we are dealing with a paranoid criminal, what about just “breaking the rules” and going ahead with the bulk transfer? After all if Medina sues ICANN for this breach of contract “ICANN’s aggregate monetary liability for violations of this Agreement shall not exceed the amount of accreditation fees paid by Registrar to ICANN under Subsection 3.9 [ of the RAA]”

Since RF seems to not have paid their fees…

I’m sure no one will blame ICANN for doing this!!!

Phill K. 03.29.07 at 4:44 pm

Hey, if it involves tear gassing RF offices I’m all for it.

charles 03.29.07 at 9:18 pm

Paul – Many of us have been regulars here, most reading and waiting. We have posted to the forums on occasion.

My clients, to date, have spent over $2000 moving domains (we have had NO problem with ENOM or GoDaddy transfers … but have spent thousands of dollars of ‘personnel hours’ retrieving who-is data to do it correctly). We are maintaining domain databases, taking screenshots, and many of us, trying to be ‘understanding’.

Registerfly IS honoring transfer requests and they are going through to other registrars. I would not want to see that interrupted in any way. This is extremely important to all.

We have 2 problems. The biggest being the RRP code with our most important domain in that status. The health of an entire company rests with that domain (Yes, I have contacted ICANN twice). The other is literal layoffs (already) and thousands of dollars in personnel hours lost following this situation on a daily basis.

It was truly refreshing to see Vint Cerf address this. He could have retired years ago.

I would suggest, at the very least, based on everything I’m reading tonight is that all of you take screenshots or print your who-is data if you are in an RRP situation. Kiernan – Please remove the combative posts (including yours – see below).

ICANN is obviously doing all they can under their charter. The real question becomes what will Kevin do. Threatening him really won’t help gang … as frustrated as we all are.

Note to Kieren – You are posting as if we are all sitting next to you and understand completely everything going on at ICANN. That is certainly not the case. If you are going to moderate and delete as
necessary, I would suggest that you do that and not show your own frustration with combative posts. Make sense?

Dale 03.29.07 at 10:54 pm

Dear Moron (aka Kieren McCarthy),

People are saying ICANN has limited power within contract law to bring Kevin Median to “justice”.

So did the US government have little power to bring Al Capone to justice…until they got him for income tax evasion.

Therefore, having been forced to spell it out for you: We should look for other laws outside of ICANN contract law that Kevin has broken to bring him to justice.

Kieren McCarthy 03.30.07 at 1:34 am

Just in response to the comment directed at me. Yes, Charles, good point.

I wear two hats on this blog. I am a blogger and I am a honest, open and sometimes blunt responder. At the same time, I also view the blog from an overall perspective in which I wish to make the blog a functional method by which the wider public can get fast responses from ICANN and raises issues quickly.

I think the Comment Policy is a good one in retaining the openness while explaining the logic behind why posts may be pulled off. Any reasoned and useful response will be given full attention – and I think that is incredibly useful (and transparent and providing accountability) and worth protecting above other considerations.

But yes, your points about frustration and not appreciating that others are not aware of what is going on are well made and noted.


Mark Witting 03.30.07 at 1:48 am

Failure To Comunicate !
There’s that catch phraise again. Hello..HElloo..hellooo…oo.Hello. Hello
And again hello Help Please.

WELL Icann still no reply…. Hello hell o help !
My domain names are suspected Hijacked.
Shurely this is a serious enough matter to at least get a response, especialy with the present situation of uncertainty regarding Registerfly imprisoned DOMAINS…. Hello this is your department?

I hope you guys are happy and sleep well tonite… I have had to work all day, no sleep. Had to work all last night as well sorting through this Registerfly Mess ! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
and Guess what? Tonight I will be pumping this blog untill I get a response and I will keep paving those Magic Words that you may not want to hear……… ……… ……… ……… &
untill my domains are safely in the account that I decide to have my domains transfered to.
Only problem is I am not shure which registrar to trust, is there like an A+ accreditation and a C- rating for that big list ?
Or is IT just luck of the draw, obviously there must be some crap and a few flies?
Do you guys have any senses that work?
Can you hear?
Can you see?
Can you dam well smell?
Wake up, the dream is over , reality is about to take hold.
Your creditability is Zilch
You are the target of multipul lawsuits
You can do very little to protect Domain Names owners from cyberfraud from within.
YOU can not even reply to someones email when they have serious problems with a registrar or for that matter even answer me in this blog.
A real paper tiger GRRR… Boo !!

Mark Witting 03.30.07 at 2:05 am

Still not an oh an um freaken nothin
not even an autoresponder

Looks like I will have to get my resellers account going and manage them myself

Mark Witting 03.30.07 at 2:23 am

ITs a sad day when your calls for help fall on deaf ears and there is no justice.

Should I try sending another email ?

Paul Levins 03.30.07 at 2:37 am


I’m sorry. It’s no excuse, but we are trying our best with limited resources to respond to everyone. We obviously overlooked you. I know that doesn’t help you, but it may help you undrestand.

Give me your details and I will email you


Guest 03.30.07 at 3:50 am

You are perfectly right!

Shannon 03.30.07 at 4:15 am


You are not ignoring me here, which I appreciate. However, my emails to your transfer help people have told me twice to wait five days, after the second time they told me that, I asked again 3 days later and just got this-

to me

The ticket you are referring to has been closed. If you feel that this is in error, please submit a new email with no ticket number and a new ticket will be created.

Thank you.

LOL now that is just as good as regfly, closing support tickets without resolution. I did change the subject line and resubmit it. Hopefully that helps. Last time I asked anything twice in one day though I was accused of “Abusing ICANN’s resources by sending more emails”

TIP- answer my questions and provide some help, and I won’t ask any more questions ;)

WK 03.30.07 at 5:02 am

For File purposes : I get the AUTH CODES i needed before, thanks to Bari in and Robert o Neill / Oscar in Rfly.

Micky J 03.30.07 at 6:29 am

For File purposes : I can’t login in my registerfly account for almost one month, nobody bothers to help me.

Tom 03.30.07 at 6:39 am

While all this drama is going on, people are still losing their domains through failed renewals, incorrect expiration dates, etc. ICANN has helped a lot of people out and that is great, but while Kevin Medina refuses to give up the ship, something needs to be done to protect any further lose of domains.

Sander J. Rabinowitz 03.30.07 at 6:49 am

Do a google search on “registerfly,” click on the “News” tab, and you’ll likely find a reference to the law firm or a direct link to the litigation itself. That should provide enough guidance to users without directly advertising anything. FYI only. –SJR

Mike 03.30.07 at 6:51 am

I have two domains registered with and can tell you that I have never been so frustrated in dealing with an organization as I have with them. My issue started two months ago when I wanted to change how my e-mail is directed. Without going into all the details, they were of no help and always cited equipment problems and to call back in 24-48 hours. I got to the point I wanted to just transfer to another registrar and I found two things: One domain name does not have an Auth-Info Code listed, and the other domain has suddenly gone to the LOCKED state and I can not unlock it. I have submitted seven tickets, one of which was deleted by their system, and they have never acknowledged any of my contacts. They also refuse to give me a supervisor when I request one.

I see no evidence is attempting to do anything to “help” their customers and I feel held captive by them. At this point I feel ICANN or some other governing body needs to step in and take control, as is no-doubt having a negative impact on many businesses. At what point does someone say Enough!

Samir 03.30.07 at 6:59 am


I would like just to say that ICANN tried to help, actually Mr.Mike Zupka answered all my e-mails regarding the Auth Codes of the domain which are still stuck at Registerfly. But the problem is that RF is not responding at all…I tried to contact them many many times, sent several e-mails..Mr.Robert Oneil was reading all of them but he never responded ,not even with one word.
I won’t add more to the total failure of Registerfly ….
But I’m really wondering why registry is not able to provide the Auth Codes ??? I don’t really understand why they can’t do that.
On the other hand, was very very helpful and provided me with the Auth code and I was able to transfer one of my .biz domains away…but didn’t respond, although I called them over the phone and sent severl e-mails, the same story with Verisign ( .com , .net ).
So why ICANN can’t simply ask the registry to provide the codes if Registerfly is not willing to do so for whatever reason they have ?

Kamil Iskra 03.30.07 at 7:08 am

Fair enough. Anybody with half a clue can easily find it with Google.

On writing my previous comment, I was actually wondering if the comment as a whole wouldn’t be removed. Thank you for your constraint.

jim 03.30.07 at 7:09 am

Domain Name: SAMUIB2B.COM
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: WEB1.AISO.NET
Name Server: WEB2.AISO.NET
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 18-mar-2007
Creation Date: 04-apr-2006
Expiration Date: 04-apr-2007

Kamil Iskra 03.30.07 at 7:18 am

While you have a point, Bigfoot, I have to disagree with the tone of your comment. It seems as if you are blaming Shaun for the fact that RegisterFly did not address your support tickets.

Let’s be realistic here. RegisterFly does not resolve our issues because of internal meltdown of the company, not because desperate users, often after months of waiting, go to desperate measures when trying to attract RegisterFly’s attention to their problems.

In the end, let’s not forget who the guilty party is in all this mess. It’s RegisterFly, Inc.

Steve H. 03.30.07 at 7:32 am

And what happened about not letting affected domains go into redemption?

Thought you (ICANN) were going to freeze all actions pending your solution.

Well if so, MY domain stolen by, has just moved into redemption and is most like about to be lost forever. Some fast and hard-core actions need to be taken NOW.

Time is almost up and we, those affected by this madness, are about to suffer the losses of our domains, business, lives, etc.. you get the idea, now do something.

Kamil Iskra 03.30.07 at 7:35 am

For the record, my experiences are exactly the opposite of yours.

In spite of months of trying to engage RegisterFly via support tickets, phone calls, direct e-mails, e-mails via ICANN, etc, I haven’t had any meaningful communication from them, and my problems have remained unresolved.

ICANN at least answered my e-mails; several times in fact.

So, so far as I’m concerned, I have zero faith that RegisterFly will ever fix my problems. I see ICANN’s bulk transfer as the only possible resolution of my problems, even though I do realize that that process won’t come without its own risks.

Jeff 03.30.07 at 8:02 am


Someone explain Where, how and by what means are the EPP authcodes created stored and distributed, who initiated this process, and provide us with an understanding of its original intent.

The old way was problem-free for me, this new way has served as a serious impediment.

If it is at all possible, craft a solution by which a request for authcode can cause the domain name EPP transfer code to be emailed promptly to the email address for the Admin contact in whois

By All outward appearances this is akin to placing a lock on the henhouse and only allow the foxes to have access to a single key. Is this true? Locks with no locksmiths? No 3rd party option?

WHY is this a presistent problem for months since its inception last year? Where is the FAQ?

The Admin email is currently the method used to qualify requests, based on a whois record. This is a one-time need for Registerfly only. Its a simple whois check to verify Registerfly and admin email. If an authcode generator exists then lets get that coded and done, send a request for authcode from admin email acct to some internic autoresponder tool, domain name in the subject line, it looks-up and sends authcode to Admin email.

Inquiring minds need to know, and this is your basic Request for more info.

Philip Dixon 03.30.07 at 8:55 am

Of my three domains, two are locked and one is unlocked. Whois data is incorrect. Able to access my account with registerfly and have my screen captures. Have initiated domain transfers, but no progress on that front. Two will expire (according to WHOIS) next week. The other will expire this summer. Is possible to provide these domain names to ICAAN so they cannot be deleted? Perhaps that process is in a FAQ? On April 1st, I would think that ICANN should lock all these?

I like the idea of placing our screen captures (where/if possible) on our web sites as proof of ownership. How is that progressing?

Could we not trace IP traffic to the RF servers, obtain a court order and just take the servers to another location, then boot diskless, change root accounts and fix this?

That’s what I would do, if I could. I would be happy to do it, if you want me to. Just let me know.

Philip Dixon 03.30.07 at 9:12 am

A new development (at least for me). I was just in RF my account earlier (within the past hour) and after the session expiring (I think) I now cannot re-authenticate.

Seems a strange thing to happen seemingly after I posted the prior comment. Could it be the Kevin is watching these posts and being punitive? Or perhaps a coincidence.

Perhaps he believes he is above the law?

Good luck all,

ES 03.30.07 at 9:14 am


I would like to know what i should do if RF have not transferd my domain which i have initiated transfer of by the end of today? I initiated transfer on the 25th and its now 5 days plus a few hours.

I’m very anxious to get my domain away by tomorrow, I initiated the transfer in good time.

Bigfoot 03.30.07 at 9:22 am

It is RegisterFly that is at fault. I couldn’t agree more.

But sending 1700 support requests will swamp the system for others. My 5 requests on different topics (that’s all the energy I could summon up knowing they wouldn’t be answered) would be hidden amongst all the 1700. A block delete will capture and delete mine and others without reply.

I fully understand and share the frustration of being unable to get domains out, not getting replies and also having money removed without reason from that lodged with RF along with multiple payments for renewals not carried out. That doesn’t excuse swamping the system. If everyone did that there’d be even less chance of getting a resolution to problems.

I don’t know how many RegisterFly staff are currently working, but it must be demoralising to have to wade through some of the murk to help others. Someone is actually working (or they’ve partly fixed the back-end systems) because I’ve got out more domains this last week than ever since January.

goodluck 03.30.07 at 12:09 pm

I’ve been waiting 40 days…

David Harmon 03.30.07 at 1:14 pm

While I’m not personally affected by this situation, I’d just like to point out that ICANN was designed as a weak authority, with quite limited resources. On the one hand, that means there’s no question of them becoming an authoritarian gatekeeper, denying registry for “morally dubious purposes” as defined for the moment. The flip side of that is, when something blows up, they’re still weak, and that’s what we’re seeing now. The reason they look like they’re ignoring complaints is simply because they don’t have the staff to personally respond to the thousands of complaints they’re currently buried under.

On the other hand, it’s also true that while their gears may grind slow, they do grind. ICANN is currently waiting out various legally-mandated deadlines, but once those run out, there seems no question that RegisterFlyByNight, and its owners, will be permanently persona non grata. Furthermore, ICANN will be learning from experience and demanding more in their agreements, but they won’t be thrashing around making things worse with some hasty hack. At this point, it’s mostly a matter of patience, and keeping records for the eventual lawsuit against RFBN (don’t count on recovering much money, but you can at least work out some aggression by “piling on”.) (As I recall, the authentication codes were introduced to cut down on outright theft of domains, i.e. “the last problem”.)

Kamil Iskra 03.30.07 at 2:36 pm

You wrote:

there’s no question of them becoming an authoritarian gatekeeper, denying registry for “morally dubious purposes” as defined for the moment

Funny that you should mention that right now, as they just denied the .xxx TLD application.

Kamil Iskra 03.30.07 at 2:40 pm

You’ve had success with them this week? Good for you.

Let me tell what they did in my case this week: my domain has been moved to expired, and my latest ticket about the issue (sent before the domain expired) has been removed without trace.

So much for RegisterFly stuff working to address our problems… What a bunch of crooks!

repb 03.30.07 at 2:44 pm

I’m sorry to say this Paul but i actually think that it is you that is wrong.

Hoping that Kevin is going to do “the right thing” is nothing but wishful thinking. In all this mess we haven’t see any evidence from Kevin, or anyone one responsable at RF, an intention to behave not only in an ethical way but in simple plain good sense. What we have seen from then is a continous pattern of stalling and postponing resolution of the problem that tey have created.

This is so much so that right now they have gone into asking for abitration. Everyone knows that this is only going to postpone everything for weeks or even months, as the outcome can only be to decide in favor of ICANN and against RF.

what i saw at lisbon meeting was a number of goodwill declarations and that things are going to be better in the future. No help for the peoople who are seeing “their” domains expiring right now and their web business destroyed.

I might be getting cynical at this point but your current line of action is akin to, and since you were in Portugal, going to Fatima’s sanctuary, light a candle and longing for a miracle.

in a way this is somewhat like a typical hostage situation. Mediation is acceptable to some extent but a time comes when you need to call the SWAT team and just storm in.

repb 03.30.07 at 2:48 pm

Worst yet, my guess is that neither RF knows wether their data is good or not. More, they even don’t care

Philip Dixon 03.30.07 at 4:13 pm

The account access is back on again. I have the screen captures and the auth codes and my ID. One would think this would be sufficient proof in a court of law. I have transfers underway, so I think I am covered here. Take a deep breath and relax. Otherwise, we may pop a vessel in our brains.

Pete 03.30.07 at 6:06 pm

“Nevertheless, the auth code is still required for transfer.”
with this attitude of yours you may as well say :
“Nevertheless, Kevin Medina was, is and will be in control of your domains.”
(that sounds just about same)

well, change the rule. it worked before just fine with no auth codes !
what stops you from allowing any domain where registrar is RF to transfer without auth code ?

you’ve made that stupid rule about giving auth code and thus the control to registrars, so it’s up to you to fix that and give the control back to registrants.

Pete 03.30.07 at 6:33 pm

Comment by Kieren McCarthy (2007-03-29 13:31:09) :

> “ICANN is doing everything within its power to sort the
> situation out AND to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

too late. time to do everything within your power was years ago when you designed the process and RAA.
also in case of RF you should’ve started to act year ago before the problem escalated to this situation. you’ve had enough prior warnings from registrants and everybody knew back then there was a serious problem with RF (well everybody knew that except ICANN)

> “never assumed that one company would behave in such
> a fashion”

assumption is mother of all f*ck ups, period.

> “acting against both their and their customers’ interests.”

you obviously can’t read this situation well (watch K.Medina laughing at your comment). he is not acting against his own interests, he’s only acting ONLY against customers’ interests

> “This failure to predict the future is not exactly
> unprecedented.”

can we assume then the people working at ICANN (or at least those designing the processes) aren’t really intelligent enough to recognise the fact that are crooks in our society ?!
you did not fail to predict future, you just failed to see reality and the reality is there are criminals in this world.
it’s exactly same as if you were given a treasure to guard and you left it out there on the street ASSUMING it’ll be still there next morning. whoever designed the processes and RAA based on “assumptions” is/are the person/s directly responsible for this debacle.

so don’t be suprized when people start filing lawsuits against ICANN (oh, wait a minute, that is already happening), because you are the root of this failure.

gSlTeRnEnAK 03.30.07 at 8:55 pm

I don’t understand something…. I can change my info and it shows on whois at whoisOn RegisterFly. It is the same way in all cases I know since the new changes. You have to actually go to the REGISTRAR to find the information now… NOBODY gives their DB to INTERNIC and they no longer are responsible for maintaining that from my understanding.

I have my AuthoCodes and so easy to find them… SETUP a secondary account on REGFLY and PUSH back and forth… GUESS WHAT FOLKS… IT SHOWS THE AUTHO CODE EVERY TIME ,,, I have been doing this for weeks to work on them… IT ALSO FORCES other things to happen.

Am I the only one that tried that?

GEE wish I knew you didn’t understand the basics of DB and PUSHES.

Glenn Reisiig

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Created: 2006-04-05 02:15:32
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The data in this whois database is provided to you for information
purposes only, that is, to assist you in obtaining information about or
related to a domain name registration record. We make this information
available as is, and do not guarantee its accuracy. By submitting a
whois query, you agree that you will use this data only for lawful
purposes and that, under no circumstances will you use this data to: (1)
enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that stress or load
this whois database system providing you this information; or (2) allow,
enable, or otherwise support the transmission of mass unsolicited,
commercial advertising or solicitations via direct mail, electronic
mail, or by telephone. The compilation, repackaging, dissemination or
other use of this data is expressly prohibited without prior written
consent from us. The registrar of record is

Anonymous 03.30.07 at 9:06 pm

and that was JUST UPDATED as I didn’t have the phone correct see Thailand ADDED a new number so we have to add an 8 to the beginning now…. It now shows that. That is only 2 months for my phone!

WHOIS updates as it should. I have never found that to be the issue. I can push within the system as I just tried to see if still works and DOES. I can get my number in EVERY CASE but one and that I DELETED BY MISTAKE – I CANNOT YELL AT THEM my info by a double click by mistake and sent it to NOWHERE and that willl stay ok but when everything is smooth again I will SEND ONE ticket requesting that info be reset and guess what if as a year ago within 10 minutes will be working.

They can use my first emails to prove what I am saying might wish to look back at others (mostly the ones yelling the loudest of legal action) to see if others said as I did. “Hey guys you were doing really good for so long since you start with the ICANN but what is going on now. You didn’t reply for days”.

We on our own admission state they were doing well before this eNom business and so I wish to have that back again please. I admitted they were doing well. Did you? Give them a chance are be forced to APPLY without PREJUDGICE to ALL REGISTRARS that are in issues with charter.

“THROW THE FIRST STONE” I got a rock ready but not to RF.

If you cannot stand to the same DON’T DARE THROW THAT STONE.



YouPayITransfer 03.30.07 at 9:16 pm

I will tell you what, you pay to move to any other registrar (other than eNom) and BACK again and I will prove ANYONE CAN MOVE and TRANSFER WITHOUT ISSUE.

And if it works what I see is ICANN blowing steam out the you know what and causing a FUSSY situation that is unfounded.
If I am correct and it moves I will do it with WHATEVER OTHER ONE YOU WANT ME TO on my account but after it works ICANN HAS TO LEAVE THEM ALONE until the REAL authorities investigate the REAL criminals.

Isn’t that so FAIR? My word what do you want BLOOD? GO see the bloody folks in Washington LAUGHING at the world… eNOM FOLKS.. ALL THIS FREE PROMO for them and CUSTOMERS running from RF…

I will DEMAND I HAVE TO RIGHT TO PAY LESS and get more for my money I vote to allow RF to STAY in business.

They proved to me that they are NOT going to RUN,,, a criminal steals and RUNS but where are THEY ,,, fighting hard to save what little they have left.

DAMN I feel like shit today for my actions of the past few months and really hope that KM and his investors can forgive us all and not get too angry at us for being STUPID SHEEP.

SGRTLEREIENSASKIG Have to do that,, I am banned for my option to stop playing games and do the right thing

This e-mail is a confirmation that your contact information was modified on You can review the changes by accessing your account.

If you have further questions about this change please contact us using the support system at

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to service you.

YouPayITransfer 03.30.07 at 9:34 pm

Hey ICANN how many years back to you keep records. You do keep records for at least 7 years I hope.

If not get your attorney butts going as you broke a MAJOR LAW.

Now let me ask you something. Can you show me the FIRST REGISTRATION DATE for, next can you show me the REGISTRAR of record on the date CREATED, next can you show me the OWNER of the NEWLY CREATED record?

If you don’t have these records SOMEWHERE you are in deep poop, if you have them you are making noise for another reason then for justice from what we can see.

I am trying to look at logic here so please stay with me a second…

If I can transfer my domains back and forth and change information what again is the major concern addressed here.

if the 200 lost domains are done by law, any property that has been taken in a unlawful methode it must be returned to the original owner. He is NOT responsible to pay the bearer any money as it was his originally. Damages fall on the perpatrator or liable parties.

If ICANN has what they by law are to keep and what INTERNIC always maintained ,,, the original or OPENING of each and every domain name. That is YOUR JOB since you took it over.

So now I am SURE you did your job or would NOT be trying so hard to DESTOY RF so please just supply that information to the owners so they can retrive their domains. IF THEY SOLD To another there was and always needs to be record… UNCLE SAM NEEDS THAT FOR TAX RECORDS and so does the whois file for transfer. That offers everyone the proper means of retrival.

Now again if you allow the sale illegally to the SCAM ARTIST stealing domains, their are out thier money and ICANN is in deep poop.

Each and every point needs to be addressed in the manner to be resolved with the least amount of damage.

BLAMMING RF will only get you deeper and turning them off will destoy the internet and make the biggest news. Are you ready for that? Can you stand to the REAL QUESTIONS not the fielded ones. You are under protection at this moment but as I tried to say 3+ years ago you cannot act only for big payments without it coming to an end but you all LAUGHED at me that date ,,, OVERSEAS CALLL that took days and was told I had to PAY $5000 to be heard.

I want to know something … do you hear us yet? NOW? Do we still need to YELL to get your attention? I hope not…

LEAVE THEM ON or I lose all my domains because of ICANN

Don’t you dare do that to us.

nnelG 03.31.07 at 12:51 am

why not just tell them you are happy because next year count what you will pay and add that $200 for resellers or more

I worry now 03.31.07 at 12:57 am

I think I heard that before from a fearless leader of ours, “I want to go on record to say I did NOTHING WRONG”!

OBOY you there somewhere now?

I am worried now 03.31.07 at 1:00 am

Can I just do nothing, I don’t want to move my domains. What happens if we do nothing at all?

Confused of it all

mark 03.31.07 at 1:08 am

what happens to us that don’t understand what is going on? are we going to lose our names? I paid for a year and feel ICANN has to provide that to me no matter what register company takes the money. didn’t they paid the bill or what?

tell me exactly why I am going to lose my domains from ICANN closing them down, they didn’t pay electric bill?

i can’t pay to move and don’t know how to do, i can’t pay someone more. i just see that the internet is a joke and we are all laughing and crying now at the same time.

hello george

george 03.31.07 at 1:16 am

thank you so much registery fly… i am with you, we have a bit going and if you stay i can pay for my domains for a year. if i lost the other guy they said was 6 something. that will hurt so you have to win this.

hey anyone want in on it.. 3 bets, 1 for each we have here. icann rf and emon.

me i said:
1 – icann goes down
2 – rf stays in buseiness and gets emons customers
3 – we have too many choices for this one but i said the owner meets bubba in the pen and live happy everafter… whay you think…

Paul Levins 03.31.07 at 1:23 am


I’ll post something on the way ahead on this blog that addresses these issues later


Paul Levins 03.31.07 at 1:28 am


I can’t ask you questions without know ing what they are.

We can’t transfer your names for you. That’s why the email says the ticket is closed as we have done what we can I suspect.

But if you let me know your specific questions I will see what can more (if anything) can be done


Paul Levins 03.31.07 at 1:40 am


I appreciate your anger but this approach is really unhelpful.

‘Pumping this blog’ as you put it just means I and others are tied up trying to read and respond to the emails you send, working out if they are new, whether we can respond with anything useful, and so on.

As I have said before, we are a small staff. The responses to this blog entry alone are getting to the point that I simply can’t respond to many of the comments.

You will see that I have responded to many of the suggestions that we have ‘done nothing’ elsewhere in this blog. So I won’t be doing it again.

I did not make you choose RegisterFly.

Yes – there are weaknesses in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement and that has to change. We have started that process. One of the points you make is a very good one: how do you rate a registrar and who does that. That’s an issue we have raised too.

In the meantime we are in the process of terminating Rfly. I can’t transfer your domains for you and I can’t get back the ones you have lost. I wish it were different but it’s not.

Paul Levins 03.31.07 at 1:45 am

It’s not true that we are only paying lip service. See my comments elsewhere on this blog.

Paul Levins 03.31.07 at 1:50 am

We are doing what we can. We are terminating Rfly. We are providing information and referral. We are answering complaints. We are going to court to get the data and to audit their books. We have worked with registries to make sure they dont delete names in RGP. We are providing information exchange and dialougue through this blog. We are reforming the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

Kieren McCarthy 03.31.07 at 2:07 am

Okay, we’re closing down comments on this post now. It’s stretched to 167 and it’s taking up alot of time without producing any new information.

There will be another RegisterFly post soon which we hope will refresh the conversation.

Kieren McCarthy
General manager of public participation, ICANN

Comments on this entry are closed.