RegisterFly update: March 12, 2007

by Paul Levins on March 12, 2007

After discussions today with RegisterFly it seems clear that RegisterFly now has no technical impedements to do what’s necessary to service its eNom customers, including obtain auth-codes.

ICANN would be grateful for information about whether eNom customers are receiving auth-codes to keep a close watch on this matter.

RegisterFly has setup an email address called that ICANN posts here to ensure priority handling of issues.

This will also be posted to the front page of our main site.

RegisterFly will send to ICANN, transfer-out reports reports each day. This will be published by ICANN each day starting tomorrow. March 13, 2007.


azzo 03.12.07 at 10:33 pm

Are RegisterFly telling ICANN that their site is working properly?

As mentioned in yesterdays comments, no one that has the “SecureRange” security feature enabled can login to their RegisterFly account control panel at all. This feature is meant to restrict logins to a specified set of authorized IP ranges, but the site is now broken and not recording source IPs properly. It just assumes you are logging in from an unauthorized range and won’t let you in.

Calls/emails to technical support have not produced any results. Can you please prod them to get this fixed urgently?

Konstantin Boyandin 03.13.07 at 1:25 am

I think the first thing the RF owner(s) must do is to handle their services preventing people from logging in and/or transferring domains away.

I mean, fix the ProtectFly service and allow us to set it down and release our domains. Or at least make the damned thing forward emails to the registrants’ email addresses, as it was promised.

Also, a bit of truth about the current company state wouldn’t harm as well. The main page of RF site might make an impression that nothing’s wrong with RF.

Charlie 03.13.07 at 2:16 am

Paul – Many of us took care of the ENOM domains before this. Many of Registerfly’s customer domains still show ‘RRP’ instead of the authorization code, preventing us from moving the rest of our domains to other registrars. My inquiries to them yesterday went unaswered. Just an FYI for now.

ndk 03.13.07 at 3:33 am

Still won’t work for me, “secure range” still turned off, and while trying to change some domains info give me “domain not found”.

Jugoslav 03.13.07 at 3:41 am

As i can see, nothing changed in RF system. My domain is still lost, if i try to modify whois info i get error “Domain not found”. RF transfered it from enom, but RF system is not aware that domain is transfered.
I just want to move back this domain to enom, and get rid of this headache once forever.
Emails sent to transfer-questions at, no reply so far.

Parker McCauley 03.13.07 at 5:09 am

The site is still not allowing updates to contact information or change of status on domains.

Non-expired domains are still showing up as expired which makes it impossible to manage them

Basically, the site is not working.

I had read a rumor that a fake site had been set up to look like the real one.

Has anyone else heard this?

Can anyone provide the actual IP to the real site so I can double check that dns is resolving properly and that I am not being spoofed


Tom Merchant 03.13.07 at 5:15 am

RF diabled my domain name yesterday and my website nor my Email are working fo This is my business and I’m freaking out. They won’t answer my calls or my support tickets online.

My domain expired yesterday but I had renewed it with RF a a month ago but it wasn’t updated in my domain manger but on the whois lookup it is updated.

Another thing is I added $50 to my account last week to renew my other domains but nothing happened with the renewal but my money was taken out of my credit card.

What should I do? They don’t answer their phones. I could go out of business.

Andy Melichar 03.13.07 at 5:32 am

No-One Will Help Us!

It seems that all ICANN is concerned about is authorization codes. They apparently aren’t concerned about registerfly’s practice of taking your money and stealing your domain name. There are thousands of people out here lost in this entire mix. We’ve paid RegisterFLY, they have taken our money, and failed to renew our domains names. Everyone at ICANN says it’s not their problem.

Who’s problem is it? RegisterFLY has told me directly they will not help me. They told me to call ICANN.

Who can help?


Paul Levins 03.13.07 at 7:42 am

I will make sure that this is raised as a matter of urgency today with RFly

A and A 03.13.07 at 7:44 am

The web pages may be functioning in terms of not erroring out but the work they are supposed to be doing behind the scenes is NOT functioning in all areas.

If you want to remove ProtectFly, you must do it one domain at a time instead of through their bulk interface.

Some domains that do get “un-ProtectFly’ed” end up showing blank contact info that you cannot update.

Some domains, at least for me, show an Auth Code of “Auth Code” instead of the hash value like working auth code domains show. Even if you make sure you you “un-ProtectFly’ed”, unlock it, and (if you are lucky) have the contact info present and can update it, the Auth Code still does not show!

It is like there are different states for the different ways the domains came about in the RegisterFly system…like those technically under eNom, those formerly under eNom now under RegisterFly, those strictly and only under RegisterFly, .be domains, .info domains, etc. They all seem to function DIFFERENTLY within the RegisterFly user interface.

I know for a fact that they have had database issues many times in the last couple years to the point where things had to be readjusted on my side or through the consistent pestering of their lead support personnel (since the flunkies on the phones or via tickets…when you could get a response…usually did not resolve the issue).


A and A

Paul Levins 03.13.07 at 7:45 am

Yes I agree. Again I will make sure that this is raised with RFly today.

Re some information on their site – I agree with that too.

We don’t have power to tell another business what to do but I will see what can be achieved. I think there is general knowledge about how poor RFLy is as a Registrar amongst the domain community but you’re right, I’m sure there are people still caught unaware

Paul Levins 03.13.07 at 7:46 am

Thanks. All this information is useful.

Paul Levins 03.13.07 at 7:48 am

When the ownership dispute was occurring (it was resolved last week by the court who awarded control to Kevin Medina) there was an alternative site established called

That shld not be used as I understand it. Stick with for what it is worth.

I don’t have the IP address but will see if I can track it down.

Paul Levins 03.13.07 at 7:50 am

This is appalling.

I will make sure that this issue of money being taken and no service is raised yet again.

It would be useful to have some details of your case. Can you send them to me?

Paul Levins 03.13.07 at 7:52 am

We don’t run RegisterFly but that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying to help.

As I said above I will make sure this is raised today (money being taken without service/no renewal).

A and A 03.13.07 at 7:52 am

I agree with Andy Melichar’s comments above. They took my renewal money without renewing my domains. When this was done, my domains were NOT in an expired state…now they are. Now I cannot even transfer them to get them renewed elsewhere.

A deal or such needs to be worked with other registrars. If I were a registrar, I’d gladly take on a slew of extra domains with even a free renewal if I knew that the customer would be ever-so-grateful to me and probably keep their domains with me…unless I was another RegisterFly or had ultra-high pricing. The fees imposed for said domains on such a “nice” registrar should be forgiven by the powers that be…as ultimately this crap is all automated anyway and there is not much human involvement to incur costs (if done in bulk…i.e. all of RF’s expired domains go to GoDaddy or such without question).

Registrars? Anyone? Step up and get a crapload of domain purchasers added to your business…

Domain name poachers with their elaborate domain name monitoring software and API interfaces will poach my domains before I can even get a bid in on them. I know one guy couldn’t get his domain back since the poacher bought it for like $2K and wanted his money back…even without a profit. Nice guy but still $2K more than what should have happened.

A and A

Paul Levins 03.13.07 at 7:54 am

Thank you for this information. I don’t want anyone to think that just because RegisterFly says things are better we blindly accept it. But it is useful to get information like this to back up our suspicions and to keep the pressure on them

A and A 03.13.07 at 7:58 am


I am sending you right now an Order Number from RegisterFly’s system on domain renewals that were paid for but not all the renewals performed. No follow-up to my support requests (other than tickets deleted and long hold phone calls hung up on).

Frustrating to say the least since this has been going on since early January for me.

A and A

Andy Melichar 03.13.07 at 8:29 am


I also emailed you my information. I understand that you may not have the power to do anything about it, but if you can – I’ll be ever so grateful.

Otherwise, at least you have the info for your records. These guys have NOT cleaned up their act, and I think that has been made clear.


Larry 03.13.07 at 8:36 am

Paul — RF has been doing this for months. I have been double and triple charged for domains that were never renewed. Finally, after they expired (though RF had pocketed the renewal dollars I sent to them) I was able to transfer a get eNom to renew a few of the domains that I had bought through RF when they were still a RF re-seller (not all my names, but a few). Of course, eNom “graciously” renewed my domains for a mere $160 per name. So, in some instance I spent well over $200 to renew a domain — not to mention the hours and hours on the phone with both RF and eNom to sort it out.
As of today, I still have almost 100 domains remaining on RF which I cannot get auth codes to move.
This morning I received a renewal notice from RF for one of the omains remaining with them. So, as a lark, I logged in to RF, got in to my admin panel, sent them money via PayPal to renew the name. I instantly received an email that PayPal had sent the money. But now, 4 hours later…. yep… total silence from RF and my domain still shows the looming expiration date.

I have 25 other domains that are within three weeks of going dark — some that are truly mission critical to several of my clients. We have got to get this sorted out –

Please continue doing the pushing that you’re doing. But tell us — what else can we do if ICAAN cannot? Is there another agency that should step in?


Tim Elston 03.13.07 at 9:09 am

I also was charged 4 times to renew my domain

I did the first renewal on January 20. I was given an email that told me the domain couldn’t be found. There was no attempt to answer any tech support questions about the issue. Three times over the next few weeks I tried to renew the domain each time they took funds and then I received the email that said the domain couldn’t be found. My tech support ticket has not been replied to since the beginning of February/

Registerfly took funds 4 times. The domain expired on Feb 27. Now I can’t do anything as it is expired and won’t give them any more money to renew it as they have failed.

I went through this a year ago with another domain which is about to expire again. I thought it was just a one time event.

Tim Elston 03.13.07 at 10:55 am

Where are the transfer reports from registerfly that are supposed to start today?

Sander J. Rabinowitz 03.13.07 at 10:57 am

The good news is that this domain ( now shows a 2008 expiration. I confirmed this using Interestingly, the date of update was today (13-Mar-07).

The sad thing is that apparently it takes one of the top leaders of ICANN to personally light a fire under Mr. Medina,, before this result could be reached. So in my mind this demonstrates that R’Fly’s willingness to clean up its act remains questionable at best. –SJR

WK 03.13.07 at 11:12 am

Mike send to me a email, but the 2 days are near, and no notice yet of registerfly. No change for me in last days. The domains my business have in trouble, are internal use, no customer ones.

Paul 03.13.07 at 11:26 am

I paid RegisterFly for a new domain registration via PayPal. The funds were deducted, the account credited, but no registration has taken place. They are non responsive to the support ticket.

If you can figure a way to pay them, they are a roach motel – they take cash, but give you no service and won’t reimburse you.

Would anyone like to purchase a RegisterFly account with a $9.99 credit balance? I will sell it for $1.00 or best offer…

Tom 03.13.07 at 11:44 am

Best thing would be to allow transfers without codes. Otherwise we might be stuck at Registerfly for a very long time. I am not very confident that they will be able to provide us with the auth codes in the short term.

Roger 03.13.07 at 12:27 pm

I’ve managed to get 7 domains out of Rfly in the last week, including getting some that I could not get un protectfly’d.

The method that bailed me out on the domains I couldn’t get un protectfly’d was this — created a new, unique registerfly account, confirmed I could logon to that account several times, then logged on to my ORIGINAL registerfly account and did a “Change of ownership” and pushed the protectfly’d domains to the new account I created, and checked the box to update the contact information during the push. Signed off the original account, signed into the new account and my domains where there waiting, protectfly turned off and auth codes shown as they should be. Don’t know if it always works, but that has worked for me on that issue.

Now for my problem that I can’t get resolved. One domain in my registerfly account,, is live on the internet, everything works, seems fine. Rfly shows status protectfly disabled, status ok, everything seems fine. But when I expand the contact information (to see the auth code), everything is blank, and, of course, no auth code. I populate all the fields with the correct contact info, etc. and submit, and I get the message “ERROR -DOMAIN NOT FOUND”.

Whois from various Internet sites shows real, though outdated contact information and a valid e-mail address for me, but also shows status as Registrar-Lock. In any case, anything I do to try to manage or change entries for that domain results in the same “DOMAIN NOT FOUND” message. Rfly’s own whois returns the same “DOMAIN NOT FOUND”

Any thoughts?

Steve 03.13.07 at 1:15 pm

We have not received ANY reply form Registerfly in over 1.5 months now.. our domain was allowed to expire and we have no way to access the admin nor renew/transfer it. HELP!

I do hope you can freeze the domain so it doesn’t expire and get snapped up by a squatter.. aslo we demand some sort of action or a way to get this domain renewed ASAP

thanks for the help.

Daniel Dunne 03.13.07 at 4:35 pm

On March 9 I paid Registerfly money to renew a domain, which was to expire on the 10th. ( I have records of payment through paypal for the transaction. No changes were reflected on the registerfly site and no support requests were responded to. Today the domain is now in the control of an ad farm.

I have also paid for the renewal of another two domains ( and ) but they have not had their expiry dates changed, to reflect these payments.

I am now trying to effect a transfer of (a very valuable site) to save it from the fate of

This is really scary.

Konstantin Boyandin 03.13.07 at 4:50 pm

ICANN, formally, has little to do itself with RegisterFly cause, but the whole situation demonstrates how weak the current ‘Internet authority’ is.

This case shouldn’t become a precedent of a registrar’s ability to have been just gently slapped on hands for ruining thousands’ people Internet business. I hope ICANN will have the whole formal system reviewed and remade, otherwise other registrars will know they can just vanish into a thin air without having actually repaid the damage.

Myself, I am wondowring who will give me back domains I just lost because I was bound hands and legs and couldn’t do anything to prevent their expiration. There should be a rule allowing the registrants to retain control of their domains if those are expiring due to a registrar’s inability to fulfil their obligations.

Currently, I will only have an option to buy my own domains from ‘domain prdators’, whereas ICANN can only say how sorry it is.

PLease think how mighty an impact it will have on the whole industry: when people will understand they are not protected from such disasters, and that the only law is ‘cybersquatters’ always win’.

I hope you’ll learn from this much enough to prevent such things from happening again.l

I’ll post my general updates here.

Samson 03.13.07 at 6:39 pm


The domain isn’t something new. The company has had possession of that since 2000 or so. A few months after they were founded. I think the rumor was that someone tried to use the .net domain to steal user account information but if you paid close attention to the login link, all it did was point right back to the .com domain so I’m not sure where the rumors of it being a bad site came from.

Konstantin Boyandin 03.13.07 at 7:26 pm


I managed to start disabling ProtectFly for my domains at registerFly.

However, I can’t transfer the domain away, since it has the following flags set:

clientUpdateProhibited, clientTransferProhibited

I managed to receive a (valid?) authorization code, but the above flags won’t allow me to move the domain away.

It will expire in 2 days.

Jugoslav 03.13.07 at 7:47 pm

You must unlock domains first. But, i am not sure if You can transfer domains which will expire within two days ?

Stanley Holtsclaw 03.13.07 at 8:30 pm

There needs to be a complete audit of each and every RegisterFly customers account. Right now my RF account shows a balance of $0.70 which I know to be completely inaccurate. Requests for refunds on failed renewals actually DRAINED my account further as more money was taken out (without explanation).

Theft by control…pure and simple.

And many I’m sure were just as concerned as I was about retaliating due to the very real possibility of having RF lock our accounts if we complained to our credit card companies or PayPal.

Kim 03.13.07 at 9:23 pm

Contrary to ICANN’s very public statement last week domains are still being allowed to fall into expiration and pendingDelete. I had one client whose domains entered pendingDelete status this week even though he had renewed them all on time last month.

ICANN is not doing what they promise.

They are allowing RF to remain accredited because all they care about is the money, not the registrants.

Tom Merchant 03.14.07 at 6:31 am

I called so many times the past week and finally got through to RF technical support yesterday. They confirmed that I had renewed back in January and the whois lookup confirmed that the domain expired a year from now. They updated the renewal date on their system and I was back on line that minute. They could not explain why their system did not refresh the renewal date on their end resulting in my domain expiring.

Their renewal system is screwed up. I have 4 other domains with them about to expire so I asked if they could update those and they said their auto renewal feature is not working and I can’t renew now manually but have to wait until the day before or day of the renewal deadline. This is nuts but that’s what they told me.

I also asked for the authorization codes to transfer my domains and she said she would email them to me, that was 24 hours ago. She also said once I receive the codes another registrar can make the transfer with or without the ProtectFly lock.

I’m not too concerned about my $50, that is small in comparison to my stress over my domains.

Thanks for your support.

Paul Levins 03.14.07 at 8:44 am

See Rfly update from last night. New blog entry.

Paul Levins 03.14.07 at 8:44 am

See RFLy update blog entry from yesterday re this matter

Paul Levins 03.14.07 at 8:46 am

OK – we’ll look into it. This is not something ICANN physically does. We are relying on the cooperation of Registrars to make this happen.

Paul Levins 03.14.07 at 8:48 am

In fairness I think we are doing more than saying how sorry we are.

Are there lessons to be learned here about the nature of the Registrar agreements? Of course!

Paul Levins 03.14.07 at 8:48 am


David Fix 03.15.07 at 8:49 am

I’m having the same problem. I am trying to transfer three domain names to GoDaddy, and I cannot get an authorization code for my domains. I have opened support tickets for this, but have not got an answer. :( This is March 15, 2007.

Joseph Smith 03.15.07 at 10:29 am

I’ve actually had success transferring out from … On that note, RegisterFly has become ridden with scandal, and I believe it may seriously go out of business due to allegations of fraud and mismanagement. During recent weeks, thousands of current customers (like me) awakened to the horror of being unable to renew or transfer their domain names. For many of us, the domain names at stake represent our livelihoods. For me and my family, the RegisterFly debacle has cost tens of thousands of dollars in business losses.

Although RegisterFly is completely dysfunctional, its website remains “open for business”, still offering its services to new and unsuspecting customers. There is no indication on its website about the chaos within. RegisterFly continues to accept payments for services it cannot perform! I’ve created this simple website to warn potential RegisterFly customers, in the strongest terms possible, NOT to do business with RegisterFly.

As I mentioned, I’ve had some success transferring with about 43 of my domains. Anyone looking for a domain registrar you can depend on check out is well-known and Trusted for their domain services. Plus, their control panel gives you full control over your DNS records. Give a try.

Get out while you still can. I believe the ship is going down … you don’t want to to get sucked under when it crashes.

Good Luck.

Bigfoot 03.15.07 at 1:22 pm

I’ve had support tickets specifically asking for auth codes sitting unanswered for quite a long time now. (More than any 5 business days or any other timescale mentioned in RAA’s).

Stu McDonald 03.16.07 at 10:49 pm

Some people have had some success by locking and unlocking their domain. then a few hours later checking with the register’s whois service. If it fails 1st time try it again.

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