RegisterFly Update 29 May 2007: GoDaddy Takes Over Names From RegisterFly

by Paul Levins on May 29, 2007® has announced that it will take over the entire portfolio of more than 850,000 generic top-level domain (gTLD) names held by RegisterFly.ICANN’s understands that and the gTLD registries holding RegisterFly names have worked out the mechanics for restoring, renewing, and redeeming names intending that no names will be inadvertently dropped. According to the terms of the transfer agreement, RegisterFly domain names and the data underlying the available proxy service will also be transferred. People with domain names registered with RegisterFly can contact at 480-366-3500 with any questions about the transfer. also has a question and answer sheet available at

The agreement is a direct and automatic transfer to a competent and experienced customer service oriented organization. This is a commercial arrangement. The bulk transfer process that ICANN was administering has been discontinued.

Within the next few days, you should be receiving an email from GoDaddy regarding how to log in to your account, as well as manage your domains. In the meantime, please feel free to check at for any developments.

ICANN understands the frustration the RegisterFly situation has caused and appreciates registrants’ patience.


Mike Brown 05.29.07 at 8:33 am

May I be the first to say (again)…Bravo! Let’s just hope Google picks up that these near-death domains have come back to life. RIP RF.

Senaia 05.29.07 at 9:52 am


Can hardly wait to get an email from godaddy. Im also hopping the transfer/renew will not cost a stupid amount of cash !

John Horne 05.29.07 at 9:59 am

This sounds great, but aren’t we still at the mercy of Medina & RF until our domain names are actually transferrer to godaddy?

Great Idea 05.29.07 at 10:07 am

What ?

Manex 05.29.07 at 10:08 am

This is good news. I had already started using godaddy and was pleased with their customer support. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for my domains to go. I really look forward to that email.

I suspect they’ll be deluged by phone calls and suport questions…. so I will be patient at first… nearly a million domains is a lot.

Melvin 05.29.07 at 10:11 am

I see from their FAQ that they are dealing with the .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, and .NAME domains, but what about people who have .us domains? Up until this point I was able to transfer out all of my domains (except three that expired) except for one .us domain. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for US?

Mike G 05.29.07 at 10:19 am

I just got off the phone with GD support (I got through right away, so maybe the flood hasn’t hit them yet).

The CSR informed me that he could tell at least one of my “RF limbo” domains was already “in process” and I should expect to see an email within a week.

He indicated that (as far as he knew) all RF domains were going to be transferred into a brand new GD account (regardless if you already have a GD account) and you will be given the chance to modify your domains then. If you have a previous GD account, you should be able to merge it with the new RF-spawned account.

I got the impression that this info was still sort of “in flux” given they just found out themselves that the switch was actually going to happen.

I gotta admit I felt better after talking to them.

JohnNagle 05.29.07 at 10:51 am

As of noon Monday, RegisterFly is still taking domain registration orders, despite the injunction.

Have they been disconnected from the registry system yet?

John Horne 05.29.07 at 11:14 am

I talked to godaddy, and they couldn’t tell me anything but to call back in a few days.

RF Shutdown 05.29.07 at 12:41 pm

RF still not complying w court order…

Shutdown RF taking new domain registrations:


davisch@debian:~$ host has address mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 10
davisch@debian:~$ host has address
davisch@debian:~$ host has address has address
davisch@debian:~$ whois

OrgName: Internet Services, Inc.
Address: 1333 North Stemmons Freeway
Address: Suite 110
City: Dallas
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 75207
Country: US

ReferralServer: rwhois://

NetRange: –
NetHandle: NET-70-84-0-0-1
Parent: NET-70-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
RegDate: 2004-07-29
Updated: 2006-02-17

RTechHandle: PP46-ARIN
RTechName: Pathos, Peter
RTechPhone: +1-214-782-7800

[Edited for length]

captainproton 05.29.07 at 1:37 pm

I too would like to see Registerfly comply with the court order, which they are not doing. They need to post the ICANN message on their front page.

Melvin 05.29.07 at 1:53 pm

They HAVE posted the notice as required by the court order. It’s listed under Customer Service in large text formatted to make it hard to read (top of letters get cut off).

Maybe I didn’t read things correctly, but the court order didn’t say to stop taking orders. The court case was just regarding the Icann acredidation and the requirements under their contract.

But back to what I am interested in, which is ‘Does anyone know how to get a .US domain transferred out of here that has the dang spamfly email address?’

captainproton 05.29.07 at 2:09 pm

They ARE NOT complying with the court order. Look at the court documents yourself. The notice needs to placed on the *top third* of *each* page in *14 pt* type. Which they clearly are not doing. It’s on a buried link down on the page with a small font.

Each day that they don’t comply is like a slap in the face for those that have been screwed over by RF.

Sander J. Rabinowitz 05.29.07 at 2:35 pm

And, along those lines, it would be interesting to see if GoDaddy picks up on the new registrations that were ordered through R’Fly but not honored by them. But if they don’t, that only goes to provide additional evidence that R’Fly has only operated as a phishing site for the last several weeks or so. –SJR

Dave Zan 05.29.07 at 4:25 pm

Can hardly wait to get an email from godaddy. Im also hopping the transfer/renew will not cost a stupid amount of cash !

Looks like it: will notify RegisterFly customers of the switch and automatically move their domains for them. Customers can get support and answers to any questions they have at a dedicated hot line and a designated “welcome” Web page. Once the switch is complete, more than 850,000 domain names will have been moved.

Just be patient, folks. It’s not an instant process.

Melvin 05.29.07 at 4:36 pm

I missed the part of the top third of the page. But they did post the text on one page at least. I wonder why they partially complied, which a judge would likely rule as non-compliance??

free pictures 05.29.07 at 5:53 pm

all very busy but it would be nice to see

Dave 05.29.07 at 6:03 pm

I would like to thank the Godaddy folks for stepping into this mess and helping out the thousands of people who are worried about losing their domains. Hopefully everyone ends up happy in the end but I’m sure the Godaddy CSR folks will be doing some overtime this month.

Jeremy 05.29.07 at 6:35 pm

Thanks Godaddy… My domain is back and running again. :) Weeee !

Chris NIVARD 05.29.07 at 7:19 pm

It seems that US and CO.UK domains are registered through Tucows. Check that out and contact Tucows if needed.

Michael 05.29.07 at 8:22 pm

Maybe we should all send a letter to Judge Real and tell him how this mess has personally impacted each of our lives. How Kevin Medina is still playing games with his very distorted message well hidden from the public on his scam website. And how we feel knowing that days and weeks keep going by while other innocent victims get sucked in needlessly.

Honorable Manuel L. Real
US District Court
312 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dave Zan 05.29.07 at 11:21 pm

While sending your thoughts and feelings to Judge Real might help you feel better, sorry to say it’s not going to influence him to do anything for you. A judge is “required” by law to decide a case based on any and all facts presented only by the parties involved (Registerfly and ICANN), and apply what the law says.

The rest of you can either seek authorities mandated by law (e.g. Attorney General, FTC, etc.) to handle these concerns or file a suit against Registerfly and Mr. Medina. Speaking of which, there’s already a “class action” lawsuit filed against them:

Good luck.

captainproton 05.30.07 at 12:40 am

While I agree that contacting the Florida attorney general is the best thing for those wanting to see some justice, since domain holders are not technically a part of ICANN vs. Registerfly there is nothing stopping them from writing the judge. Whether he will bother to read the letters is another thing entirely. Regardless, the court orders are very specific and should be enforced.

Erik Stensland 05.30.07 at 5:59 am

I just saw that my main business domain which had expired due to RF inaction is now back up and running!!!!!!! They even applied the renewal that I paid for! I didn’t have to do anything. I am nearly dancing with joy. Thank you ICANN and thank you GD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abdul 05.30.07 at 6:00 am

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“Icann should send this information to all credit card companies.”

WK 05.30.07 at 6:41 am

I am monitoing some domains, and two org i am monitoring, show godaddy in whois now, but no email yet. Those two are both protectfly enablemd and the email address remain the same.

Chris NIVARD 05.30.07 at 7:47 am

In such case you should contact GoDaddy’s customer service.

Sajit 05.30.07 at 10:32 am

Can’t the ICANN prevent RegFly charging from the customers anymore?
It seems that RF is still authorized to charge from it’s customers. Some customers like me who were unaware of their problem are still depositing at registerfly. What will happen to our credit amount which is currently with RefFly? Will it be transferred to GD?

Melvin 05.30.07 at 11:05 am

whois is showing Enom for my domain.

Mike Brown 05.30.07 at 11:30 am

We’ve had a few domains that have today moved across to GoDaddy.

They had both been renewed with RF back in January, but of course RF never paid the Verisign fees so the names weren’t actually renewed in the registry and have been offline since March.

Then, as if by magic, they moved to GD and came springing back to life this morning. Seems that GD is honouring renewals paid to RF even though Verisign never got the cash from RF.

I have to say that today I love GoDaddy for that. Not only did they transfer the domains across, they covered the cost of the renewals too! Love ‘em. Love ‘em. Love ‘em.

Joe C., Boston 05.30.07 at 1:26 pm

My domain also sprung to life yesterday at 5 PM after being down for the last month due to Registerfly’s failure to renew. My website and e-mails began working! The whois data showed GoDaddy just this afternoon. GoDaddy extended my expiration one year. However, I had paid Registerfly for two years extension.

Kieren McCarthy 05.30.07 at 2:23 pm

At the risk of upsetting people who may blame ICANN for not having sorted this out earlier, I just want to say I am delighted to hear that people are finally getting their domains back, and back online.

I just hope enough of you stick around to make sure we can change the system so this doesn’t happen again.


Kieren McCarthy
General manager of public participation, ICANN

The Gimme A Buck Guy 05.30.07 at 3:23 pm

I don’t see how this godaddy transaction has anything to do with ICANN.

Godaddy basically just paid Kevin Medina / Registerfly a chunk of $$ to rights to the database.

Then they changed the registry from registerfly to godaddy and filed it with ICANN.

ICANN acted as per their job, which is to approve/deny the registry bulk change.

ICANN did not actually *do* anything to help this situation, other then perhaps back Medina/Registerfly into a corner and turn his only asset (database of info) into a meaningless pile of data on June 1.

Registerfly/Kevin had no choice in this matter, if he wanted to get ANY cash from anyone for the data. Otherwise ICANN was prepared to take the asset (database) away from him.

So ICANN just helped godaddy make more money.

Interesting system.

Paul Levins 05.30.07 at 3:41 pm

Gimme A Buck

To say we did nothing is wrong. ICANN has pursued Rfly everywhere it can legally to terminate it and to place pressure on it to hand over data. That had to feature in Rfly’s thinking about whether it would accept an offer from GoDaddy to take over domains it had under management. We also had commenced a process to bulk transfer to another provider and that also sped the solution we have. We ended that process because the agreement is a better solution for RegisterFly customers since it’s a direct and automatic transfer to a competent and experienced customer service oriented organization.

Afilias and VeriSign, the two registries with the most RegisterFly names, have forgone considerable fees for transfers. The gTLD registries GNR, NeuStar and PIR also acted to prevent deletion of names. As well, Tucows took uncompensated effort to provide data and pursue a solution that would protect registrants. In each step of this situation, ICANN and these organizations worked to serve and protect the interests of registrants. These things don’t happen without coordination which is part ICANN’s role.

As a number of people are finding out also, the negotiation early on to ensure that names in the retirement grace period were not deleted has been important and was reached because of the coordination and generosity of the registries amongst others. That’s the value of the ICANN model – all the players cooperating together. Could the process have been better ? Yes. Not everything has been rosy in the garden and no one has ever said as much. That’s why we have commenced a review to look at the Registrar Accreditation Agreement – to get a better deal for registrants and to avoid the problems experienced this time.

Hyper 05.30.07 at 5:56 pm

I talked with GoDaddy and there wasn’t any mention of any cash for the initial transfer… I feel that shouldn’t be any charge in the first place.. this isn’t our fault to begin with… :I do consider myself (and business partners) very lucky and I do wish everyone involved in this mess all the best!

rich 05.30.07 at 7:13 pm

It may look like blame might be heading in the rear view.
For the future the question is: what organizations can domain owners appoint to replace ICAAN and verisign? no offence but this has been a blatent disregard for cunsumer protection.
Lets see how the regfly yard sale will pan out.

Kip 05.30.07 at 7:25 pm

Any idea if I might be able to get the $400 dollars back that I deposited with registerfly last year?

I can’t get registerfly to answer me and as far as I can tell there is no way to transfer money out of there system. There billing tn is disconnected??

Any help would be much appreciated.


captainproton 05.30.07 at 9:41 pm

It is very important that your contact the Florida attorney general. See for information.

Dave Zan 05.31.07 at 4:10 am

For the future the question is: what organizations can domain owners appoint to replace ICAAN and verisign? no offence but this has been a blatent disregard for cunsumer protection.

I’m sure none is taken. But without trying to fully understand what’s involved and what’s at stake (and that’s if people care to), that question won’t realistically be answered.

There are agencies created to handle consumer complaints. ICANN is probably exploring the possibility of tapping such for things like these in the future, but that doesn’t mean the average user shouldn’t take advantage of it themselves.

Wes 05.31.07 at 2:07 pm

Have a little over a thousand names at RF but have not received any correspondence from GD regarding their assumption as Registrar. How long do you think I should accept as “part of the process” before becomming very concerned?

zaher 05.31.07 at 2:45 pm

I have domain will be expired after 2 week, and as i guess GoDaddy not accept payment from some country (Syria), can i start transfer my domain to new registrar?.

Dave 05.31.07 at 7:20 pm

My 100 plus names are now showing as Godaddy names. Good news for me.

Sander J. Rabinowitz 05.31.07 at 8:04 pm

Just to update an earlier comment I made to this blog entry: The test registration of a new domain I did at R’Fly on or about 22 May failed, and it wasn’t picked up by GoDaddy either (there wasn’t anything they could transfer since there was no registration in the first place). No further monetary loss, as I was using the so-called “Quick Pay” account on the RF side. I simply re-registered anew at GoDaddy and it went right through, and the transaction appeared almost instantly on the public WHOIS.

For me this certainly confirms that RF has been acting as a phishing site (i.e., accepting orders but not honoring them) in the interim period where they were already in contempt of court but before the GoDaddy bulk transfer could be finalized.

Meanwhile, my new domain remains in my RF control panel along with an “expired” domain that I actually managed to successfully transfer out of RF several months ago. –SJR

captainproton 05.31.07 at 11:07 pm

One week, maybe 2. remember they are dealing with thousands of customers.

Kinda don’t have choice. Nobody can afford to stay with the RF disaster. We are all in the same boat.

Marcus 05.31.07 at 11:54 pm

Can someone tell me if Godaddy allows me to transfer out to another registrar my domains gained from registerfly.

Chris NIVARD 06.01.07 at 12:13 am

The dance is over: the renew is not free, you will have to pay for it in the next 30 days…

Chris NIVARD 06.01.07 at 12:25 am

- for non-expired domain: yes it’s possible (be sure to unlock the domain, and to get the EPP code). I would recommend
– for expired domain: I don’t know yet, it says I can’t modifiy the domain until June 5th.

Kamil Iskra 06.01.07 at 6:47 am

You might want to wait a day or two.

In my case, a domain was no longer showing in RegisterFly because it “expired” (obviously, I paid for a renewal, but we all know how much that would help; anyway, the registry kept it running for free), and whois showed support@registerfly as contact. So I had every reason to believe that I would have to go through some special procedure to prove my right to use that name.

Yet GoDaddy did manage to correctly identify me as the rightful user without any intervention on my part and sent me the usual welcome e-mail some 24h after the whois was changed to GoDaddy.

So I can see that domain in a new GoDaddy account now, but I can’t modify it yet — it says I should be able to do that by June 5th. For once, I’m hopeful.

Stan 06.01.07 at 11:19 am

I requested 5 transfers for domains that are showing in my new godaddy acct to be transferred to another registrar – unlocked them, got the auth code and made the request. It was refused by godaddy. I opened a support ticket with godaddy and am waiting to see if they are helpful.

Melvin 06.01.07 at 12:20 pm

Could someone ‘in the know’ tell me what options I have?

1. The announcement for GoDaddy doesn’t list .us names in the ones they are taking over.
2. My domain still lists Sponsoring Registrar: ENOM, INC.
3. Contact email is listed as
4. No email from Godaddy of course.
5. Registerfly has ‘wiped’ the whois contact info/code on their end.
6. Phone number is an old number which I don’t have.
7. Address and Name is correct in whois though.

Luckily the expiration date is quite a ways away as listed in whois (matching registerfly’s data).

Anyone have any luck getting Enom’s help on this? I have no problem paying to get another year or two (3-4-5) added on to get the ability to change the settings again.

BTW, I am really glad that most of you will soon get access to your domains back through Godaddy. I just wish the announcement would have listed .us too.

Bigfoot 06.01.07 at 12:39 pm

eNom were very helpful for me, I’ve moved over 100 to them.

But more worryingly, I have a domain that I moved over from registerfly to eNom (let’s call it . I’ve set a ‘watch’ on the domain for any changes to let me know and the ‘watch’ has detected a change of registrar from ‘Registerfly’ to ‘GoDaddy’ – but it’s actually at eNom.

I’m hoping it’s because the ‘watch’ was set up at GoDaddy and they’ve not got things sorted yet. The domain is still showing the whois publicly as eNom’s so I’m hoping it (and the other 99+) are Ok. I don’t wish to go through any more torment or expense (I had to pay to get them to eNom.)

Jorge 06.01.07 at 5:43 pm

enom will try to steal you $US160 for it…

Jorge Oliveira 06.01.07 at 5:57 pm

at GoDaddy you can read this:
“We worked with ICANN and the Domain Registries to extend the renewal grace period for an additional 30 days (until June 29, 2007), giving you the opportunity to renew your domain registration.”

What if meanwhile it was transfered to during all this confusion ?
Do ICANN can force them to let people extend it at a regular price (not $US160) or does this apply to GoDaddy only ?

Chris NIVARD 06.02.07 at 12:10 am

You should have had contacted Enom a while ago…

If I’m not wrong: the .US domains are registered through TUCOWS: you should contact them for login/pass (OPENSRS).

Chris NIVARD 06.02.07 at 12:13 am

You’re right: the current registrar has a right to deny the transfer…
I tried one transfer now, let’s see how it goes~. It it fails, I’m afraid we will all have to renew at Godaddy…

Chris NIVARD 06.02.07 at 12:21 am

Wow, it didn’t take long to fail…! (@_@)
So after have been ripped-off by RegisterFly, our new Registrar: Godaddy is taking back the hold-up!

Chris NIVARD 06.02.07 at 12:30 am

If your domain is outside Godaddy then just ignore Godaddy’s control panel.

However the fact that all expired domains should be renewed at Godaddy is questionable!… I’ve been ripped off by RegisterFly, now it’s Godaddy’s turn~. What’s next??

JR 06.02.07 at 1:01 am

I think this is the first message I read that clearly explains what ICANN has done, besides charging fees to domain registrars (0.22 USD per domain, as GoDaddy says).

I got my domains rescued by GoDaddy yesterday. Unfortunately, the more than 80 USD I spent (I know it’s nothing in comparison with what other people have lost) in February to RF to get them renewed has been lost and I’ll have to renew them again. I won’t say I “love’em” like some people are saying; after all, they are there for the money.

To everybody waiting for emails from GoDaddy, please, please, please, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS. I got all emails sent by GoDaddy classified as Junk.

Another thing I noticed is that GoDaddy gives me until the end of June to renew the domains.

During all this mess I managed to transfer all my non-expired domains to eNom. Now that GoDaddy is here, only the domains that expired (because Kevin Medina spent my money on Martinis instead of VeriSign) are at GoDaddy. What I mean is that the domains I had already rescued myself, are safe, and not going to GoDaddy.

Chris NIVARD 06.02.07 at 1:28 am


US$9.21 to renew a domain name:
– that we already paid for (at RegisterFly — ripped off)
– that has been already extended (Godaddy did, without asking if the domain holder wanted to RENEW or TRANSFER!)
– we are stucked with Godaddy!!
– we can’t transfer the domain OUT of Godaddy: transfer approval denied by currenty registrar!!

ICANN’s action is REQUIRED!

Jorge 06.02.07 at 4:13 am

that’s exactly what I did…
one of my biggest mistakes ever in my life !
(my issue is .com domain tho)

Bihlman 06.02.07 at 4:48 am

I started out at godaddy, then went to registerfly due to their lower prices, now I’m back with godaddy. Woohoo

David 06.02.07 at 7:23 am

This Medina guy is a real character. First, I live in Miami Beach and his office is literally 2 blocks from where I live. So I paid Unified Names a visit last week. The marquee downstairs proudly has “Unified Names” listed. So I go up the elevator to his floor and the sign on the door says Unified Names. So I knock. As expected nobody answers the door at 2pm on a weekday. There is one of those mailbox slots so I open it and the lights are OFF inside! No surprise here. Then I went over to Medina’s condo, the ICON, on trendy South Beach. Wow, what a place on the water! We’re talking major $$$$’s here! This guy reminds me of the Girls Gone Wild guy who lives large and scams the public. BTW, he is in jail where Medina needs to be. Also, attention ICANN!!!! Please see the bottom of Registerfly’s web page where he printed the notice to customers ordered by ICANN. This idiot purposely uses a font that is very difficult to read. Please have him change it so it is easily read and put it at the top of his website so people can be warned! Why is his website still in business? I urge everyone who used Registerfly in the last several months to call your credit card company and deny the charges. I already have and they refunded ALL my money. Good luck!!!

Stan 06.02.07 at 7:30 am

Here is the response I got from support to my very clear inquiry as to why the transfer was refused. Their response seems purposely confusing. I have replied to this and will keep all posted as to the level of support we get from godaddy:

Support response to my initial inquiry follows:
Thanks you for contacting Online Support.

I apologize for any confusion, but it appears that you purchased a transfer for your domains prior to the mass transfer of RegisterFly domain names to Go Daddy. If your transfer was in ‘Pending Current Registrar Approval’ status, the transfer will complete, and the domain will become active in the Go Daddy account you created when you purchased the transfer.

If you had other domains with RegisterFly that you had purchased transfers for which were not in ‘Pending Current Registrar Approval’ status, they may have transferred to a new Go Daddy account in your name. If you are not sure what Go Daddy account your domains are in, please use our Account Retrieval System to retrieve the customer number corresponding to that domain.

Chris NIVARD 06.02.07 at 9:09 am

Let’s move to a new registrar’s failure: from Godaddy.

cho0b 06.02.07 at 10:37 am

At first I thought GoDaddy getting all of our names would be helpful. Now I’ve realized that it’s going to be just about the same as it was before, only more expensive! I’ve had problems with GoDaddy in the past (taking a domain from me because it violated its TOS {was completely false}) and I want to transfer the domains that I wish to keep AWAY from GoDaddy.
Apparently we have to wait 60 days until we can transfer our domains away from GoDaddy. Here’s the problem with that. Almost all of my domains are expired and I don’t have the money to renew them with GoDaddy. On June 30th all of my domains will stay in GoDaddy’s hands and leave my account. Right now a friend of mine is willing to transfer ALL of my domains over to his resellers account for FREE but I cannot do that because GoDaddy has siezed my domains without any agreement from me.
GoDaddy is the AOL of registrars. You won’t know how bad they are until your domain has been permanently flushed from your account over a single anonymous complaint.


ICANN + Godaddy = scum? 06.02.07 at 12:52 pm

I was shocked to find out my domains are transfered without any prior notice to Godaddy and held hostage for 60days.

I had no problem moving domains out of registerfly.
But now, I can’t move it to anywhere for 60days.

Is this forced transfer legal?

Why didn’t ICANN let us choose the registrer we want to use?

What is the complete deal of this ICANN + Godaddy forced transfer?

All these smell very bad.

Since ICANN allowed non standard forced and potentially illegal transfer to Godaddy, they should allow any of us to move out of Godaddy without 60days hostage period.

I’m tired of ICANN tyrany and stupid gestions.

First, to give Registerfly the acreditaion, soon to revoke it without any plan, and finally making shady deal with Godaddy and force everyone to use questionable registrer that doesn’t observe ICANN policy.

In future, I’ll try to avoid using domain name and go by simple IP address, or maybe even creating a system that is more democratic and user friendly rather than scummer friendly.

Thank you.

enom can help 06.02.07 at 1:13 pm

I contacted eNom for my domain that had eNom as register, and told them to give me the control over the domain since I was their direct customer now.

After a few emails, they responded and I got full control over my domain through eNom central without paying any fee.

So, I’m thankful for them, eventhough they ignored first couples of mails I sent and also neglected to give me the control when they took back my domain from registerfly’s control in the first place.

Good luck.

Jorge 06.02.07 at 2:07 pm

I wish I had same luck.
They keep telling me to pay $160 whatever I say, screenshots, ID scans…
My few emails is about 16 now, and rising.
Very disappointing, going out of a problem and ending in another one.
Note that I paid for renewal at registerfly, they took my money and indeed expiration went to 2008, but enom don’t care and don’t want to know about it.
Not even that way enom is allowing me to have control over it.
$160 or nothing :(
Total autism on replies: pay, pay, pay!!!

Dave Zan 06.03.07 at 5:57 am

However the fact that all expired domains should be renewed at Godaddy is questionable!… I’ve been ripped off by RegisterFly, now it’s Godaddy’s turn~. What’s next??

Why do you find it questionable? Registerfly made a deal with Go Daddy, and Regfly gave their domain name registration data to Go Daddy.

If the domain name’s expired and with Go Daddy, they’re paying the costs to maintain it until they get a refund from the Registry. What’s wrong with asking you to renew it with them?

Or do people find it conveniently easier to complain without trying the least bit to understand how and why they’re doing that? Is it because people don’t care at all except to get results?

Get real, folks. Many problems occur due to unrealistic expectations.

Dave Zan 06.03.07 at 5:59 am

It’s possible if you’re able to unlock the domain name, get the transfer code from Go Daddy, and the domain name’s contact details are under yours. Good luck.

Dave Zan 06.03.07 at 6:11 am

enom will try to steal you $US160 for it…

Bullsh**. Without bothering to know and understand their position, you have no accurate way of making that determination.

While I understand that as an opinion, stop misinforming people.

Chris NIVARD 06.03.07 at 7:44 am

Talking and complaining is one thing, insulting people (ICANN, Godaddy.. and even RegisterFly) is another!
ICANN is fairly opened to our opinions/complains now, your comment’s title is not appropriated at all…

Chris NIVARD 06.03.07 at 7:58 am

There is something called “continuation of service” which is, to my point of view, something that every registered name holders in this world should get/claim [maybe you don’t care?].

Don’t misunderstand me anyway: if I must pay Godaddy’s renewal fees, I will. However I want this situation to be clarified…and mostly: that the same issue doesn’t happen anymore in the future.

You may consider ICANN’s own transfer policy: The Administrative Contact and the Registered Name Holder […] are the only parties that have the authority to approve or deny a transfer request to the Gaining Registrar.

whatever deal could happen between RegisterFly, ICANN, Godaddy: we shall remain free to transfer our domains.

Marcus 06.03.07 at 11:23 pm

Godaddy did take up registerfly mess only to gain $$$ from it, not to help anyone with a fair deal. I am now unable to transfer out from GD and my names are now held hostage for another 60 days. This will force me to renew with them the ones expiring in the next few weeks. GoDaddy private registration is way too expensive to buy for 100s of names. Why enforce a 60 days ‘rule’ in this particular situation. Again powerless to control my domains as I would wish to.
ICANN has no response to this isssue, thanks.

Chris NIVARD 06.04.07 at 12:11 am

You might want to wait for a couple of weeks, until I get a reply from ICANN & Godaddy on this issue.

Joe C., Boston 06.04.07 at 5:02 am

To follow up on my comment: GoDaddy did not renew my domain for one year as I had thought from the whois data. After speaking with them, I find out that I have until June 28 to renew my domains with GoDaddy or lose them. The renewals begin from the old, false expiration date. The renewal money I had paid to Registerfly months ago is lost, I guess.

Frank 06.04.07 at 11:39 am

ENOM is offering $9.95 renewals for com, net, org, us and biz. $7.95 for info.

Janna 06.05.07 at 5:17 am

Thank you ICANN! I have my domains back and they are up and running. GoDaddy has a fantastic support system and helped me get things going.

ICANN + Godaddy = scum? 06.05.07 at 5:35 am

ICANN insulted the liberty of Registerfly users by selling us to GoDaddy without asking us.

If ICANN make a decision to let us move out from Godaddy,
we can say that ICANN listens to us.

Also, ICANN and GOdaddy are lying.

Fisrt, Godaddy told me that they don’t allow us to move out because of ICANN rule.
Now, they are saying it’s not ICANN rule but that of verigine or someone.
And they don’t want to make any effort at their end.

They even told me that they just helped us to “regain” control, which is a lie, since I never lost control of domains at registerfly and I was moving out all domains without problem.

And ICANN pretends that GoDaddy is a service oriented company …. what a joke.
They sold us to one of the worst registrer in terms of bad witholding habit.
Nobody at ICANN knows about the practice of GoDaddy to lock the domains for 60 days even for the minor changes in the registrant record?
Maybe ICANN should revoke acreditation from GoDaddy, too.

And if it’s not a scum, why don’t they reveal the details of the deal?
Who is paying for whom for what, etc.
Where is the written agreement?
Who paid for the lunch, dinner of the negociation?

Why are they hiding info and pretending to be helpful ?
Make things clear and transparent if you don’t want us to think about all these.

ICANN didn’t help some of us, they just added more problems by shady deal with Godaddy.

bigfoot 06.05.07 at 6:11 am

It is insulting everyones intelligence when you make wild comments that are plainly untrue. ICANN didn’t sell anything as they didn’t and don’t own registerfly!

Before making comments check and ensure that facts stated are true and verifiable.

Paul Levins 06.05.07 at 8:17 am

Thanks Bigfoot and Chris and others.

This blog is about dialogue and information exchange. But only when it is truthful and well intended. To suggest that there is some kind of financial deal that is suspicious between ICANN and GoDaddy is nonsense.


ICANN + Godaddy = scum? 06.05.07 at 1:07 pm

It’s funny that those who try to protect ICANN + GoDaddy are TOTALLY avoiding to address the issues I’ve raised.

Why IANN hiding the details of the deals?
Why the users of registerfly were forced to use GoDaddy, and held hostage for minimum of 60 days, when many of us could have moved to other much better registrer without problem?
Why ICANN + GoDaddy don’t let us move out of now?

If you guys pretent to have intelligence, it’s not that hard to understand these questions.
And it’s not just me asking these valid simple truthful questions.

And it’s well intended for users who are suffering from this shady deal.

Also, what I’ve saids are based on the facts.
If someone can’t see it, I honestly doubt intelligence of that person.

Fact No.1: ICANN negociated with GoDaddy and forced all of us to be transfered, without revealing the nature of the deal.

Fact No.2: GoDaddy is locking domain for 60 days, and some of us have no other choice than renewing GoDaddy.

Fact No.4: ICANN and GoDaddy are pretending to be helpful, but they are just harming some of us.

Fact No.4: There are people trying to protect ICANN + Godaddy and they pretend to have intelligence and well inteded attitude, but they TOTALLY ignore these simple facts valid questions based on them and trying hard to divert the discussion.

SO_tired_of_this_guy 06.05.07 at 2:19 pm

Fact #1: False. ICANN had next to nothing to do with the deal other than facilitating it, and I’m not even sure on that.

Fact #2: That is their policy. Take it up with them.

Fact #3: False because you can’t prove it. Would you rather your domains be stuck in limbo?

Fact #4:This makes ZERO SENSE.

“Why IANN hiding the details of the deals?”
ICANN may not have been privvy to the details, as I said in fact 1, they were marginally involved in assembling the deal (if at all).

“Why the users of registerfly were forced to use GoDaddy, and held hostage for minimum of 60 days, when many of us could have moved to other much better registrer without problem?”

Because Registerfly “sold you” to GoDaddy for however much they paid. ICANN had nothing to do with it.

“Why ICANN + GoDaddy don’t let us move out of now?”

ICANN is not within its power to force GoDaddy to change the GoDaddy transfer-in/out policy. Take it up with Godaddy.

Brian 06.05.07 at 6:18 pm

having control over my names again is great but if I can’t transfer them out is it really control?

Ron 06.06.07 at 4:39 am

Thank you for contacting Online Support. Your domains are active with Go Daddy. However, you will need to set up your own new Go Daddy account so that we can transfer the domains to it. Please click the following link to set up a new Go Daddy account:

After you have set up your Go Daddy account, you must submit a Change of Account form so that we may move your domains to your new account. Please fill out this form with as much information as possible and submit it to or fax the information to (480) 247 – 4095. The form is accessible at:
Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

Jeremy 06.06.07 at 10:02 am

Great… It looks like Registerfly lied to Godaddy about the expiration date on several of my domains when they transferred them to Godaddy. Looks like I’m going to have to fork over a bundle to renew them all again for two more years.

Thanks Kevin Medina, you [expletive removed], still coming to bite us in rear even after we are free of you…

Rediculous 06.06.07 at 2:04 pm

How in the world can godaddy get away with imposing a 60 day “tranfser” policy on these domains?

This was NOT a transfer that we initiated. Why are we now being penalized because of this?

ICANN has no power to do anything but sit by and collect their fees. Do they care who they collect from?


If they had any teeth at all, ICANN would *force* godaddy to remove this rediculous “60 day” no-transfer policy so we can transfer our domains wherever we want.

Instead, we’re forced to renew with godaddy.

This is rediculous. ICANN should just be abolished altogether and the domain industry would function pretty much the same way it does now.

ByeByeRegFly 06.06.07 at 6:55 pm

I finally recovered my domains that were stuck with RF.
I can now finally use them after months of frustration.

Thanks GoDaddy, process was really fast and simple.

GoDaddy customer 06.07.07 at 3:46 am

I understand that not everyone is thrilled to be at GoDaddy. I have not personally had any problems with their handling of my domains, but I have seen some complaints.

However, does being forced to renew at GoDaddy because of the 60 day restriction really compare in difficulty with the alternatives: 1) paying for renewals but not getting anything? 2) losing control of your domain? 3) facing other people who trusted you to take care of a domain on their behalf, but which disappeared due to RegisterFly?

Even if GoDaddy is not the cheapest out there, especially if you want domain privacy, I think they beat RegisterFly hands down as far as following through with the actual registration and renewal. Isn’t that the most important thing? After 60 days have gone by, you are free to transfer somewhere else and let some other (cheaper? better?) registry handle your domains for the next renewal. It may not be what you would have chosen. But not many people at RegisterFly chose the mess there either.

Geo 06.07.07 at 8:18 am

Help Needed!

I have two registerfly domains that somehow got totally bogus whois information filled in either by mistake or on purpose (hijacking). I even had the domains protected by protectfly.

Now, after they have been transferred to GoDaddy, the GoDaddy people do not believe that I am the owner of my domains. I could not secure them because they have someone else’s email and phone number. I even faxed GoDaddy screen shots from my registerfly account but to no avail.

What can I do? They are my most prized domains which I registered since 1998! I want to get my domains back.


Chris NIVARD 06.07.07 at 9:34 am

We understand you do not believe that RegisterFly domain migrations to Go Daddy should invoke the same mandatory 60-day lock of ordinary inter-Registrar transfers.

Currently, we have not been given the authority to treat the RegisterFly migrations any differently than standard transfers. We apologize that this may be an inconvenience for you, but we are required to adhere to the regulations currently in place.
**** END OF EMAIL ****

Ok, so it has been confirmed that we all shall renew @ Godaddy. I won’t comment this decision (as the latin expression sums it up: dura lex, sed lex).

Before going, I would like to share with everyone these Godaddy’s coupons (to save some $$).

John Cell 06.07.07 at 10:27 am

I am glad that the RegisterFLy thing is more or less over, and I am glad that GoDaddy stepped up to help. But two issues:

1.) It appears that nobody is doing anything about Kevin Medina having failed to comply (still) with the couort order. This angers me. As small as a $5,00 per day fine is, he still should be made to pay AND to rectify things.

2.) I thought that now that my domains are no longer at RegisterFly (sort of), and now are at GoDaddy, that the unauthorized charges would have ended. WRONG! Last week I authorized GoDaddy to renew 2 domains for $18.34. Today they charged me $18.34 again! I called to inquire, and they told me that the first charge was erroneously processed from Bob Parson’s personal account or some such. They said that they would refund the original $18.34. They SHOULD have processed the credit BEFORE processing the second charge. I didn’t have the money in my account to cover the second charge, so I now have a $35 overdraft charge plus a $6 per day charge until my account is brought positive3, PLUS a $35 charge every fifth day. I am 500 mile from my bank, and I can do nothing about this. RegisterFly cost me money (including overdrafts) and grief. GoDaddy seems to be doing the same. Grrrrr!

Bigfoot 06.07.07 at 11:30 am

So, they’d do it if they had the authority?

Here is a chance for ICANN to help as presumably they can at least consider giving the authority to GoDaddy – or explain why it can’t be granted. Other posts have shown the ICANN rulebook on non-Registrant transfers so maybe we can get an answer we like, or at least an answer?

cho0b 06.07.07 at 12:51 pm

We are the owners of our domains. We should be able to choose who we want to be our registrar and NOT forced to overpay for our renewals.

Saying that our situation is AOK right now just because it seems great in comparison with the Registerfly debacle is just dumb.

Godaddy has “stolen” domains from me in the past. I stopped using them years ago because they are EVIL. Most people might not experience these sorts of things but that does not mean that it doesn’t happen.

SDAFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff the whole situation makes me want to scream

repb 06.07.07 at 4:29 pm

The simple fact is that they are in violation of several disposition of the Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars (the Transfer Policy)

Since we do not request it it can not be considered an “Holder-Authorized Transfer” and therefore does not fit in section A of the Transfer POlicy.

Since ICANN clearly states that “he bulk transfer process that ICANN was administering has been discontinued” and that this deal was a “commercial” arrangement it does not fit also on section B of the Transfer Policy.

On what grounds is then GD imposing the 60 day window? And since they are invoking the holy name of ICANN as mandating this it is urgent that ICANN clearly states its position.

If GD keeps pushing this as a transfer then they should allows us to pay the $6.95 published transfer fee, right?

Kieren McCarthy 06.08.07 at 12:54 am


It is clear that you are frustrated but I would ask you to consider several things:

* This blog is not a noticeboard; its primary use is to raise and discuss issues pertinent to ICANN. There are plenty of places online to vent your spleen and we would request that you use them rather than this blog.

* GoDaddy took on RegisterFly domains in a commercial deal. This had the result of making the vast majority of domains that had be in limbo immediately available. GoDaddy is not evil and it does steal domains and your over-the-top comments are contributing little to an ongoing complex and difficult situation.

* In fact you are not the owner of the domain, you are the registrant. The law surrounding domains is still largely undecided and you are assuming rights that simply do not exist under US law at the moment. ICANN will work on an easy-to-understand document that explains what domains are, are not, and how they work so people can gain a better understanding of the DNS.

Kieren McCarthy
General manager of public participation, ICANN

cho0b 06.08.07 at 1:44 am

I’m pretty sure you just called me dumb. Sorry I don’t understand all dem fancy words you’s usin massa, maybe I gots em jumbled up.

I was only speaking about what I have experienced with GoDaddy. I have spoken with many other people who have experienced the same sorts of problems with them as well. That does not mean it’s going to happen to everyone (like I said in my op.)

My point is and was that I did not agree to utilize the services of GoDaddy in any way. I do not wish to give them any of my money and it appears that if I do not I will lose all of my domains.

And with regards to domain ownership, this is a very different time in the world of the internet compared to when most internet related legislation was set. You are correct that I may not own my domain when it comes down to it. That being true then what’s the whole point of all of this? Why is there a government agency that’s here to (amongst many other things) protect we the consumers from being manhandled by greedy companies that would like nothing else but to take our money and provide a lacking service? Why did I pay for my domain names?

Oh, and if you can answer those then maybe you can tell me where I SHOULD be ranting about all these things that many many many people have experienced and are STILL experiencing with Registerfly, GoDaddy, and most likely many other registrars and resellers.

I know you’re just doing your job, but without all of us domain owners ICANN wouldn’t even need to exist. It’s a paradox wrapped inside a paradigm.

cho0b 06.08.07 at 2:01 am

p.s. I know ICANN isn’t a government agency. I should have re-re-read what I typed. Although, ICANN sure smells like one!

Marcus 06.08.07 at 2:05 am

ICANN, can you please clarify,

1 – nGoDaddy says ‘Currently, we have not been given the authority to treat the RegisterFly migrations any differently than standard transfers. We apologize that this may be an inconvenience for you, but we are required to adhere to the regulations currently in place’
So it is ICANN ‘demanding’ this, or is GoDaddy using a rule that conveniently may ‘not apply’?

2 – It is a fact that GoDaddy blocks transfers if you update your telephone number or anything no matter how small in your domain registration details in the previous 60 days, this has no ICANN ruling backing (or has it?) to exist but it has been going on for a very long time.

Godaddy follows rules and add some new ones too?

GoDaddy is certainely one of the better ethical registrars around (IMHO), but blocking transfers on ‘unclear and dubious’ reasons does lower Godaddy reputation.

Senaia 06.08.07 at 4:23 am

Well, I waited for an email from godaddy but nothing came. So I played arround in the welcome page and found a way to get my domains.

If you don’t want to wait any longer, follow the instructions here:

It worked for me and many others. Enjoy it :)

Anonymous 06.08.07 at 6:28 am

It seems that your comments also don’t make sense:

FACT#1: If you are not sure, then don’t counter comment on what “ICANN + Godaddy = scum?”. He does makes several relevant good points. I don’t see ICANN or GD reply to clarify themself, do you?

FACT#2: Please don’t make unwise comment like this. ICANN was the one came up with the 60 days transfer restriction policy, not GD. So don’t tell us to “take it up” with GD. Know what you are talking about first before commenting on others.

FACT#3: I agree with you here. ICANN is innocent until proven guilty. GD however, is indeed guilty by nature of the current facts. Again, you are making any silly comment by asking the question “would we rather be having our names stuck in limbo”. If ICANN ceased RF’s operation since the first sign of trouble, we would not be in the current situation. Be wise and understand that you may not have as much suffering than others and may not feel as much pain. Perhaps your livelihood has not been depending on the lost domains. However, we have.

FACT #4: You really makes no sense in saying the original commenter that he makes zero sense. You said Registerfly sold us to GoDaddy without ICANN’s involvement? It seems that you have zero knowledge about the situation and is just shooting blanks. ICANN orchestrated the entire ordeal and ended up choosing GD as the registrar. This is against some of our wills. GD surely hopes to profit from this and it’s going to backfire against them in a big way. You will see blood bath continue to pour in this great battle.

Anonymous 06.08.07 at 6:51 am

Hi Paul,

With all due respects, we are not really getting a better deal. I am sure you can tell that from reading the posts on this blog. The anger of many registrants are steaming up regarding the 60 days restriction. We are being held hostage.

GoDaddy also indicated that we have until June 28th to renew the expired domains. However, we are already receiving notice that the names will get cancelled within a few days.

This mean if we don’t renewed the expired, these domains will be cancelled and ultimately ended up on the GoDaddy’s auction.

Please forvive me for being very blunt. But if this happens, GoDaddy will find themself as an additional defendant on the current class action lawsuit. It seems that ICANN keep digging themself into a deeper hole of legal trouble. They keep making one mistake after another.

The right thing for ICANN to do at this point is to step in and get GoDaddy to remove the 60 days limitation. Furthermore, ICANN will need to make sure GoDaddy don’t put any names up for auction. If this happens, karma will come back and haunt both ICANN and GoDaddy for a very long time. In other words, more legal wars between the registrants, GoDaddy, and ICANN will be unavoidable.

repb 06.08.07 at 7:31 am


ICAN would do better in explaining right now why is GoDaddy refusing to allow domains transfers right. Those, like me, who do understand how DNS works and even know a document called “Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars”, sure would like to know what are the legal grounds for Godaddy to act like this.

They argued that it was a transfer but surely it was not a User-Authorized Transfer! On the other habd you state that it was also not an ICANN-sponsored transfer and that it was a “commercial arrangement”. So, from my point of vue, GoDaddy’s imposed 60-day transfer prohibition is clearly abusive.

I sure like to ear what ICANN has to stay on this…

Kieren McCarthy 06.08.07 at 12:52 pm

This is rapidly descending into nonsense and name-calling.

Can I point out to people this paragraph in the blog comment policy:

“Libel, conjecture, nonsense

Likewise, we will delete – without notice or appeal – blog posts that contain unsubstantiated claims, libellous accusations, or accusations of conspiracy. The ICANN blog will not deal in wild claims. We are a professional organisation and will remain entirely disinterested in anything that has no factual basis or useful, practical point.”

We are rapidly reaching that point. The same point has been made countless times by the same few people. They are not happy about the GoDaddy 60-day issue.

ICANN has responded several times to this. RegisterFly’s domains were bought in a commercial deal with GoDaddy.

Your arguments have been heard. We will review them.

The conversation has gone nowhere else for three days so I am closing this post to comments.

Kieren McCarthy
General manager of public participation, ICANN

John Cell 06.13.07 at 10:25 am

Wow! GoDaddy rocks! A VP there read this blog and contacted their billing department manager, and told him to look me up and give me a call and make it all right. Pretty proactive!

They are going to reimburse me for the overdraft fees that I incurred.

If anyone else has incurred similar fees associated with the GoDaddy “takeover” of RegisterFly, I encourage you to contact GoDaddy’s billing department.

Best Wishes

John Cell

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