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by Kim Davies on June 28, 2007

Beta ScreenshotOne thing that has been obvious for quite some time is the IANA web site needed some attention. Somewhat of a relic of an earlier era of the Internet, the web site had grown into a pile of information that is poorly organised and hard to navigate.

Last year, we shared some concepts with the community on how we’d like to improve it. First and foremost was making IANA’s purpose clear, and its key information easy to find. Based on the initial feedback, we are almost ready to launch a completely new IANA web site.

We have literally begun from scratch. All web pages have been rewritten, and their place on the website rethought. We are working towards fully standards compliant pages that work in many different browsers. We have also tried to lay a foundation so we can much more easily add new materials and features to the IANA website once it is launched.

So now that we have almost finished the conversion of the site, it is a great opportunity to offer a sneak peek and gather feedback on the almost final product. Our aim is to integrate your feedback, as well as tidy up the remaining rough edges, over the next few weeks. Once we are confident everything is working, we will then replace the existing IANA site.

The new site is at Take a look and tell us what you think in the comment area below.


Larry Seltzer 06.28.07 at 11:55 am

I guess it’s a little fancier. How about some Flash games?

Jens Meiert 06.29.07 at 9:30 am

Certainly a step forward: The site looks cleaner, more modern, more usable, and pays more attention to web standards.

Danny Younger 06.29.07 at 12:46 pm

I expected to find ITU’s “Correspondence with ICANN re E.910″ (the principles and procedures for the registration of names under the Internet top-level domain “.int” and the process by which qualified international organizations can register for domain names under “.int”. ) somewhere in a Correspondence Section — see

… but I wasn’t able to locate such correspondence on your website. Did I not find it, or is it just not there?

Also, do you anticipate opening up discussions on .int registration policies sometime soon?

Andrew Mancey 06.29.07 at 4:21 pm

A real upgrade. Looks good too. Thanks too for your presentation to us Thursday afternoon at San Juan…


Butler 07.05.07 at 6:10 am

Nice and simple design. I like the link to Jon Postel. Its good to remember your roots.

Jothan Frakes 07.05.07 at 3:09 pm


Great work on this!

The new organization of the information is much better, and clearer to the general public (those not typically using IANA who have to dig about for what they need to educate themselves on).

Keep up the good work!


Dirk Krischenowski 07.10.07 at 3:54 am

What I found very appealing at the old IANA website is the one-click to the list of ccTLDs and gTLDs. That’s 2 clicks at the new page and I was not sure if I really find what I search when clicking on “Root Zone Database”

On the other hand the new website looks modern and invites to use it.

Missing is also who the boss of ICANN is and which staff is involved (IANA organizational chart).

A good forward!


Elisabeth Porteneuve 02.25.08 at 3:45 am

Re Dirk’s note
“Missing is also who the boss of ICANN is and which staff is involved (IANA organizational chart)”.

I definitely agree that ICANN’s staff chart is missing.

Is that chart still valid ?

Who is IANA GM today? David Conrad?

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