NARALO signing pictures

by Kieren McCarthy on July 20, 2007

The North American RALO was signed at the San Juan meeting. It marked the end of the Interim ALAC since the final region of the world had formed an MoU with ICANN, and the formation of a new, more representative, and hopefully more cohesive, Advisory Committee that will represent the interests of all Internet users out there within ICANN’s processes.

We took some pictures and have finally got around to going through them and sticking them on ICANN’s server, and here they are for the viewing pleasure of all out there.

Final signature to NARALO agreement

Randy Glass, AmericaAtLarge

Gareth Shearman, Telecommunities Canada

Darlene Thompson, N-CAP

Michael Maranda, AFCN

Dharma Dailey, EFN

Luc Faubert, ISOC Quebec

Evan Leibovitch, CLUE

Robert Guerra, Privaterra

Seth Reiss, Intellectual Property and Technology Section, Hawaii State Bar Association

Eduardo Diaz, Internet Society, Puerto Rico

Full-size versions of the pictures can be found on this webpage.