Latest issue of ICANN magazine out

by Kieren McCarthy on April 14, 2008

April issue of ICANN magazineThe April issue of ICANN’s magazine is out. It was emailed to subscribers on Friday night and has been posted online today, Monday 14 April.

In it, we provide updates on three policy areas: translation, SSAC, and new gTLDs. It also provide summaries of all 2008 Board meetings so far; interviews with the CEO and NomCom chair Hagen Hultzsch; the history behind ICANN’s efforts to deal with domain tasting; and sections covering recent blog discussions, public comment periods, and other ICANN-related news.

We hope you enjoy it – feedback, as ever, is welcome. If you wish to receive the magazine automatically to your inbox, there is a very simple sign-up box above the magazine on the main magazine webpage at


Jeff Neuman 04.14.08 at 6:54 pm

I just found a pretty significant error in the latest ICANN Newsletter when it was discussing the domain tasting issue. According to the author, it states that the AGP refund mechanism was introduced in 2002. The problem is that that is not true and is off by several years. The AGP was actually introduced by Network Solutions or VeriSign (I can’t remember who was in charge at the time) probably as early as 1999, but in any event was was codified at least as early as May 2001 for .com/.net/.org, .biz and .info. See for an example.

The Article refers to 2002 and references the Redemption Grace Period. As you know the RGP is something that is completely different and should not be confused at all with the current debate. The RGP is a process by which a domain name registrant can reclaim a domain name that was inadvertently deleted.

Normally I would not point these things out, but I do not want to leave the community with the impression that the tasting problem was created as a result of the RGP adoption process (a process that I still believe was one of the best examples of ICANN policy making at its best).

Kieren McCarthy 04.14.08 at 7:02 pm

Thankyou Jeff,

This is my error. I will add a correction to the magazine online.


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