Main IDN User Question

by Tina Dam on June 26, 2008

One of the main IDN questions asked by end-users in the last few months, and that have been discussed during the ICANN Paris meeting in the recent week is as follows:

“If I have registered <domainname>.tld, then how will you ensure that I am also the registrant of <domainname>.<idn-tld>, for all languages.”

The question shows that there is an expectation that:

(i) there is a way to translate the .tld into other languages. Having done that with .test I can assure you it is quite a challenge to find a word that is an adequate translation for all users in a community. Often there is more than one way to express the word “test” in various languages. Some existing TLDs might be easier to translate than others, but common for them is that they could be represented several ways within one language.

(ii) that the registry operator for the .tld will apply to become the operator for such new TLD(s), and that if they do so and are successful in their application, that they will implement .tld with an aliasing functionality where registrants under .tld automatically becomes registrants of the same domain names under .idn-tld

On the gTLD side of things:

a. the GNSO policy for introduction of new gTLDs states that there is not precedence for becoming an operator of an IDN TLD. In other words, just because you are operating a TLD today it does not mean that you automatically become the operator for any translated version of that TLD (being IDN or ASCII, but mostly discussed in relation to IDNs).

b. in the process for introduction of new gTLDs there are various objection procedures available. While they are not implemented completely yet you might imagine that the .tld registry operator might object to someone else applying for the IDN version the .tld.

c. The policy does not provide a global direction to registration policy regulations, such as for example whether or not new TLDs should be aliased to an existing TLD.

On the ccTLD side, the situation is similar:

a. the IDNC WG final report does not talk about this specific topic.

b. based on community discussions during the last few months, it could be anticipated some IDN ccTLD will be operated as aliased versions of the existing ccTLDs, and others will not. The decision is usually referred to a difference in opinion on whether there should be IP protection or more competition and choice.

On the technical side of things:

a. aliasing have often been connected to the concept of DNAME. DNAME have been initially tested, and indications are that it will not be useful to provide the aliasing functionality. ICANN is looking into the opportunity for having more tests done on this topic.

b. without a standard way of implementing aliasing the concern is that aliasing will be implemented in many different ways leaving users confused and a need to further education than currently is needed, which could be avoided.

In Summary: There is no guarantee to the registrants, it depends on whether existing registry operators will apply for the IDN version of the their TLDs; that the application is granted; and that they will implement aliasing as their registration policy, which we currently do not have a technical standard for, and which the policies are not providing global direction upon.


Jamses Smith 06.26.08 at 1:29 am

I think the addition to new tld will just ad to the confusion and even destroy the domain name business which is an important part of the internet.

Tina Dam 06.26.08 at 5:17 am

Hi Jamses Smith, the decision to add new gTLDs was taken by the GNSO in the work on the Process for Introduction for new gTLDs as the very first topic they discussed. The decision was as you can imagine an agreement to allow for the addition of new gTLDs, being IDNs or ASCII.


Christopher J. Pilkington 06.26.08 at 8:13 am

If I understand this change correctly, what will result is a complete flattening of the domain name hierarchy. Organizations no longer have a reason to register or, they can just register myorg. and myco.

In my opinion, it seems to be an absurd move. What was the motivation behind it?

香港 06.26.08 at 9:18 am

Thanks for the quick article, it means that we can register a . by register a .tld first, before the . to be world-wide used.

Gee 06.26.08 at 3:05 pm

I have to disagree with this opinion
“I can assure you it is quite a challenge to find a word that is an adequate translation for all users in a community.”
it is very easy if you asked the right person!.
Good Luck

Borna Yuan 06.26.08 at 10:15 pm

I think it is an easy question, and it should not be discussed HERE! You can get the professional answer in technnical forum.

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I Can 06.28.08 at 3:57 am

I think the addition to new tld will just ad to the confusion.

It was a bad idea – maybe you can stop it early enough!

:( 06.28.08 at 3:10 pm


Anonymous 07.03.08 at 11:42 pm

there will be no confusion because this time, the domain buyer will be checked … perhaps you can even imagine that kown domainers willl be blacklisted, and not able to register domains in mass

Anonymous 07.04.08 at 12:28 pm

Domainers have been paying for IDN’s since 8 years ago, the bulk of IDN registrations have come from domainers who understood the potential. You were sleeping when it happened and now you’re happy to get a new chance, something like that mr. anonymous?
There is no such thing as a blacklist, especially not if you are a domainer because that would cost them money, money they received in bulk over 8 years from the renewal fees payed by “domainers”.

New .tld’s for IDN will add to the confusion, aliasing is the only viable option for clearity and marketability and the only fair option for the existing users who (unwittingly) payed for a new idn-tlds that devaluates their domains. The whole point of aliasing is that there will be the least amount of confusion, no parallel existence of extensions, just one functional extension in multiple languages.

Technical problems ? You can’t on one hand claim that cctld’s will most likely go for aliasing (as is also suggested by the .jp-registry) and on the other hand claim that aliasing .gtld’s is somehow technically infeasible at the moment.

Also, if indeed aliasing is possible as it should be then there’s no need to go through a .tld application process since the extension only get’s an extra alias….logically that is. Is it really necessary to go through the application process again instead of simply attaching the cost of these aliases to the existing contracts ?

8you8 07.21.08 at 8:13 am


Bergues 07.30.08 at 3:47 am

Mr Anonymous Bis, so first, i m not anonymous (the link pointed to my web cv)

Then, i ve got my one set of IDN, (i would not be there if i hadn’t :) )

i don’t agree with your theory, i don’t think the success of the idn will only rely on the amount of domain sold (and the fee that domainers payed for it). The fact is that many of this domains were sold to domainers, and that people who could be interested by this domain would not find what they want because it was already parked by some people. (note that there is other factors not involving domainers like this domain were used for fishing)

Thus, search engine like google, yahoo and msn doesn’t handle well ( or at least doesn’t given them enough credits to be well indexed in the search result) , if you wan’t a simple sample, i submitted a bug about idn in Google Images, the fact is that this bug is still not taken into account
n, why … surely because it’s considered as a minor bug as there is not a lot of non parked idn website (at least in europe).

In gwt, when you click on “most current request” (i m not sure of the translation), there is a javascript bugs to display the page …

Moreover, i m not sure puny code & classical version are well handled by the rankin algorihtm …


SEO Dubai 08.16.08 at 5:22 pm

The sad part is that most of the TLDs are registered and blocked by people who do not intend to promote them. I wish there was a regulation to curb cyber squatting.

IDN Club 08.18.08 at 11:10 pm

[安全认证机制] –
只針對 網站 做 ‘安全认证’

IDN Club 08.18.08 at 11:13 pm

原本 ASCii 域名的後綴也是非常多;
如果 ASCii 域名 的後綴 不會造成 混淆,
理論上 – IDN 域名 的後綴 也不會造成 混淆

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