L.root-servers.net goes IPv6

by John L. Crain on December 15, 2008

Last week IANA processed a request to add AAAA records for one of the thirteen DNS root-servers.

L.root-servers.net, operated by ICANN, became the seventh of the root servers to have it’s IPv6 address records (AAAA) added into the DNS root-zone. The addition of IPv6 service is part of ICANN’s ongoing commitment to act as a leader in enabling IPv6 services throughout the DNS.

The new IPv6 address is 2001:500:3::42

To access this service DNS operators should update their hints files. In fact checking that you have the latest hints file on a regular basis is always good operational practice.

The latest hints files are available at the following URLs:


The root servers currently answering on IPv6 are:

A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET 2001:503:ba3e::2:30
F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET 2001:500:2f::f
H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET 2001:500:1::803f:235
J.ROOT-SERVERS.NET 2001:503:c27::2:30
K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET 2001:7fd::1
L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET 2001:500:3::42
M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET 2001:dc3::35

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Stéphane Bortzmeyer 12.16.08 at 1:56 am

It may be a good idea to provide instructions on the safe retrieval of the hints file (by “safe”, I mean “authentified”, since this blog is not authentified). For instance, in the same directory, you get a PGP signature of the hints file, made by the root zone operator:

% gpg --verify /tmp/named.root.sig
gpg: Signature made Fri Dec 12 16:34:48 2008 CET using DSA key ID 17AE3F79
gpg: Good signature from "Registry Administrator "

BUGabundo 12.16.08 at 10:11 am

F and L have the best IPs

Ksesha 03.16.10 at 4:12 am

Реальная тема!

Varyusha 03.17.10 at 7:59 am

Материал уже не новый, но интересный!

Dasha 03.20.10 at 9:31 am

Лично я ничего не понял!

Senyusha 03.21.10 at 2:12 am

Раз не понял, то учи английский язык!

Miletya 04.22.10 at 10:48 am

Без языка никуда!

смеси 12.09.10 at 12:08 pm

иногда очень полезно перечитать старые материалы. Спасибо!

moimir 11.23.11 at 9:25 pm

все новое это хорошо забытое старое :)

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