What changes do you want to see to the ICANN magazine in 2009?

by Kieren McCarthy on December 23, 2008

The monthly magazine was first published in August 2007 in order to give the community a monthly update of what ICANN was working on and what had happened recently. At the time, it was very difficult to follow what the organization was actually doing unless you attended phone conferences and scoured the website for information.

A huge amount has changed in that time. There is now a monthly policy update, a compliance newsletter ; this blog – recently redesigned; the public comment page, Board minutes, dashboard stats, videos, a redesigned website, meeting websites, and so on.

Which leads to the question: What role does the magazine now serve?

So this is your chance to reform it for 2009. If you want more interviews, or more information on particular areas; if you want polls, or more community-created or provided information. If you want more humor, or possibly less humor. Or if you think the magazine is perfect the way it is, please let us know.

There is a survey below. It will only take you a few minutes to fill in – so please do and we’ll see you in the New Year with a fresh new magazine.

If you have trouble seeing the survey below, you can also view it at this webpage: http://icann.wufoo.com/forms/magazine-survey/.

The December magazine can be found here: http://www.icann.org/en/magazine/archive/magazine-200812-en.html.

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Tom 01.05.09 at 3:22 am

Cheers Kieran,

I think it’s really good that ICANN is making efforts to be more open and accessible to the wider Internet community.

This blog is a great example of using plain english to reach out to the community. A lot of the language on the ICANN site and in the newsletters is pretty impenetrable.

But I think ICANN is now probably pushing out too much material: compliance updates, policy newsletters, blogs, stats, videos, minutes, etc etc.

The splurge of material isn’t very integrated and is probably counter-productive, as only the most die-hard ICANN aficionado will dig down and monitor all of these channels, and the important information can get buried amongst the static.


Kieren McCarthy 01.05.09 at 8:06 am

@ Tom: Cheers – so are you saying that having the magazine as a summariser of other information is the right way to go? Or do you think that it needs to contain some new elements that are currently missing, for example, more information in plain English?


Tom 01.06.09 at 7:18 am

Both please!

I’d like the magazine to summarise the info across all the ICANN channels, and develop into almost an executive summary of whats going on.

ICANN policy making can be quite a dry topic, so I think additional journalist elements in plain English will not only increase readership (and therefore engagement) but also provide the back story and introduce new areas to the readership. Are you allowed to pass editorial comments on issues of the day?

ParkingFirm.com 01.16.09 at 1:01 pm

Kieren, How can I subscribe to ICANN magazine?
Is it a monthly issue or .. Any fee that I will have to pay or is it for free?

Thanks for the help!

Best – Jay

Kieren McCarthy 01.16.09 at 3:45 pm

Hi Jay,

You can subscribe – for free – to any or all of ICANN’s newsletters here:



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