Help us to improve the ICANN website – online survey

by Kieren McCarthy on June 19, 2009

One of the most consistent complaints I receive as general manager of public participation is that it is hard to follow what ICANN is doing, particularly with respect to navigating the main website and finding material.

So, we have embarked on a usability survey in which you, the community, will be asked about your use of the site as well as what you would like to see and what you like and dislike about the site. We have hired some experts in this field – Revere Group – to undertake the work and have an open ear and an open heart to ways in which we can improve the ICANN website.

So if you have ever had difficulty navigating ICANN’s site, now is your chance to help make it all work better. There is a simple online survey to gather information. Provide us with your email and say yes to being provided with updates and we will keep you up-to-date with progress as it happens.

You can find the survey here: or you should be able to view it and fill it in below.

Note: This survey has ended and is now offline.