Congratulations to the new GNSO Council and chair

by Kieren McCarthy on October 27, 2009

Earlier today, Chuck Gomes was selected by the new GNSO Council as its chair.

The voting procedure needed 60 percent of both of the new houses – contracted and non-contracted – to vote in favour. A first round vote with Chuck Gomes and Olga Cavalli saw Chuck Gomes win 100 percent of the contracted house vote and 50 percent of the non-contracted house; a second round with just Chuck on the ballot saw him win all but one Council votes.

Chuck will be helped by not one but two new vice-chairs under the new system: Olga Cavalli (interim) and Stephane van Gelder. Chuck mentioned in his acceptance speech that he intends to follow the same pattern that he himself had as vice-chair, where they are included in all decisions.

So congratulations new GNSO chair Chuck Gomes and congratulations to the new Council, which has been formed after years of hard work balancing the various stakeholders’ interests.

Outgoing chair Avri Doria was given a standing ovation on standing down and we captured the moment:

Avri Doria gets a standing ovation as outgoing GNSO chair

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Ananta Paudel 10.30.09 at 5:51 am

Tina Dam, ICANN’s
Senior Director for IDNs


“The launch of the Fast Track Process will be an amazing change to make the Internet an even more valuable tool, and for even more people around the globe.”

—Tina Dam, ICANN’s Senior Director for IDNs

Happy to write again to ICANN & curious to ask same question”How Internet works?”

Word “together” is missing or may be hidden in your statmentI.It is difficult to have information of individual country, culture & people if it is using different
absolute domain name in different language .Can applying language translator on restricted 256 character(Which is now extended from A-Z to 100,000
character) or need to design new “Language Translator Server” or else problem of “Response from Server” after we type absolute domain name is not prompt from overloaded rootserver(on unix file, or it`s script has to be modified),again “Queing theroy” or “Perfermance of Server” enhancement is required to overcome load.Until then internet user may be with the problem & dilema of differences.

Soultion is language translation software like Google have initiated.Effiency & accuracy of such software determines the content of information that is
transmitted to user.
Accessiblity of internet to world is freedom to fly & glace world outside.Accessbility of internet must not be cost of “Togetherness”.May be
proper improvement on “Natural Langauage Processing” enabled S/w help to resolve crisis.But it is fun & knowledge to come accross “Cross culture
Society” if it is a “sucess”.

All the best..

Ananta Paudel
Chennai,Madras University,
Dept:Mass,Media & Communication.
Contd….(English Language in WebMedia)
30 october,2009


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