Podcast Catches On as Community Refines It

by Scott Pinzon on March 31, 2010

Just about a month ago, I blogged about the launch of ICANN Start, the audio podcast that helps newcomers to our community start understanding key issues. As of this week, ICANN Start episodes have been downloaded one thousand times!

All of us involved with producing the podcast are grateful for that robust welcome (which, candidly, exceeds our expectations). We will keep working hard to make the show worth your time.

Here on this blog (and elsewhere) one of the first requests we heard was that we should transcribe the episodes. Lots of people like the idea of an ICANN resource that provides basic orientation, but not all of them find it convenient to listen rather than read.

We’ve heard your request, and are scrambling to comply. The April episode that just got posted has the transcript right next to it. Transcripts for the older episodes are on the way and will go up as they’re available, with all of them up by next week. From now on, our target will be to have the transcript accompany each monthly episode as it’s posted.

The new April episode features Margie Milam, Senior Policy Counselor. It turns out that a seemingly vanilla term like “consensus policy” has a technical meaning in ICANN, packed with connotations. Margie explains what consensus policy means, and along the way clarifies the difference between a registrar and a registry. If you’re reading this, you probably know all of this stuff — but the podcast or the transcript might turn on the lights for a new volunteer in your constituency or committee or At-Large Structure. Consider sending ‘em the link, which is http://icann.org/en/learning/podcasts.htm. (And if you want to listen in, we won’t tell anybody.)

What else can we do to make the show more useful to you? Are we covering the topics you want to hear about? Let us know by sending an email to start@icann.org.

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Kieren McCarthy 04.03.10 at 8:37 am

Good stuff – bravo Scott. I’m surprised at 1,000 downloads – clearly some demand. One piece of advice – don’t let the success of it allow staff and community to add pressure to hide in ICANNese on future podcasts.

chongtu 04.08.10 at 6:09 pm

ok thik

Dave 04.26.10 at 12:13 pm

I had no idea a podcast was available, but that’s great news. Hopefully it will grow in popularity and I think i’m gonna go check it out!

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