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Fast Track

November 11, 2010, marked the day when the new IDN ccTLD .рф (Cyrillic for Российская Федерация, Russian Federation) was opened for general registration. Prior to that date the registration was open only for trademark owners and governmental institutions. Before the registration started, in an interview for the КоммерсантЪ (Commersant) daily, Andrey Kolesnikov, CEO of the […]


Is ICANN Handling Too Many Policy Issues?

by David Olive on August 30, 2010

Earlier this month, published an article about ICANN’s policy development process. The author, Andrew Allemann, strives for balance but overall leaves the impression that ICANN has “policy overload,” handling too many policy efforts at once. Andrew also cites the technical and complex topics we ask the public to comment upon. Since I was quoted […]


Making Chinese Internet History

by Tina Dam on June 28, 2010

This past week was quite the historical change for the Internet with several additional languages moving forward in the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process. Chinese: With one billion people around the world using Chinese as their primary language, it means that one out of every five people on the planet can have benefit from the […]


ICANN delegation visits Moscow, Russia May 12-14, 2010. A delegation from ICANN, headed by President and CEO Rod Beckstrom and including Barbara Clay, Tina Dam and Veni Markovski, was in Moscow on a 3-day visit, and participated actively in a number of events (in time order): – A meeting at the Institute for Information Security […]

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IDN ccTLDs – The First Four

by Tina Dam on May 13, 2010

The last week has been focused on historic IDN accomplishments and news: The first four IDN ccTLDs have been introduced and are all functioning. The corresponding countries are: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation, and Egypt. This essentially means that we have started seeing domain names where the top-level/extension is either: امارات. السعودية. .рф […]


IDN TLD Update

by Tina Dam on May 6, 2010

Following yesterday’s big news [] with the introduction of the first IDN ccTLDs we thought it was a good time to provide an update to where the Fast Track Process is. IDN ccTLDs in the DNS root zone: Egypt: مصر (Egypt) Saudi Arabia: السعودية (AlSaudiah) United Arab Emirates: امارات (Emarat) – in addition Russian Federation: […]

First IDN ccTLDs now available

by Kim Davies on May 5, 2010

Today the first three production non-Latin top-level domains were placed in the DNS root zone. This means they are live! Here is one newly enabled domain with a functional website that works right now: وزارة-الأتصالات.مصر What you should be seeing is something like the following: It even works on a mobile phone: The three new […]


This is a very brief blog post with quite the big content. Last week was a special week at ICANN, with several IDN milestones meet. Many were included in the 22 April 2010 ICANN Board meeting. The ICANN Board approved the first IDN ccTLD delegation requests for four countries. These countries are: Egypt, the Russian […]


Update about Synchronized IDN ccTLDs

by Tina Dam on April 11, 2010

This blog post is primarily intended to update the many people in the technical community and ccTLD community about activities related to Synchronized IDN ccTLDs. As you may know, one of the ICANN Board resolutions from the recent ICANN meeting in Nairobi directed staff to develop an extension to the Fast Track Process: a mechanism […]


Clearing the Confusion (Fast Track)

by Tina Dam on March 6, 2010

Since the launch of the Fast Track Process, ICANN has received many questions about how the DNS Stability Panel will determine a confusingly similar string; that is, a requested string that is confusing similar with an existing ccTLD, gTLD or applied-for TLDs. The overall rules seem clear: 1) If you apply for an IDN ccTLD […]