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Recognizing Our Community Leaders

by David Olive on April 2, 2014

by David Olive, Vice President of Policy Development Support ICANN Celebrates Volunteer Leaders: (Left to right) Dr. Steve Crocker, José Arce, Sylvia Herlein Leite, Holly Raiche, Avri Doria, Rafik Dammak, Chris Chaplow, Marie-Laure Lemineur, Roelof Meijer, and Fadi Chehadé. ICANN’s growth and evolution as a multistakeholder organization depends on the sustained engagement of our community. […]


by Christopher Mondini and Riccardo Ruffolo, ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement “…the key questions of human rights and accessibility of the Internet for all, and inclusivity of all interests [have] become very important…” These were some of the words Fadi Chehadé shared in an opening video he sent to the RightsCon – Silicon Valley conference that […]


Do you know IANA?

by Elise Gerich on March 26, 2014

If you ask people what IANA is, you could get a range of answers. Some would say the IANA is Jon Postel, a pioneer of the early Internet.. Others might ask, “Could you spell that for me?” We hear “IANA” thrown around a lot these days and it’s clear most people aren’t clear at all. […]


Laying the Groundwork for the IANA Transition

by Theresa Swinehart on March 26, 2014

We started dialogue this week at ICANN’s 49th meeting in Singapore on the next steps to take following the United States government’s announcement on 14 March that it would transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multistakeholder community. I’ve heard some people call it "a process to begin a process": yes, it is […]


Walk Through New with Anil Podduturi

by Anil Podduturi on March 25, 2014

Welcome to the demonstration, I am Anil Podduturi from Neo. I will walk you through the new site. My team and I worked closely with the ICANN team and community to develop a site that is the product of your feedback. Hope you enjoy the demonstration!


Introducing a New Site

by Chris Gift on March 25, 2014

Every now and again, an organisation relaunches its website. There’s often nothing dramatic about it, it’s to make minor adjustments and make everything look fresh again. And now ICANN is about to do the same. We’re due to migrate to the new site in April – but for us it’s something more than just another […]


ICANN Strategy Panels & the Planning Process

by Theresa Swinehart on March 22, 2014

At the dawn of the ICANN 49 meeting in Singapore, we wish to provide you with an update on ICANN’s strategic planning. Last October, ICANN’s Draft Vision, Mission & Focus Areas for a Five-Year Strategic Plan [PDF, 313 KB] was published for public comment and for community discussion at the Buenos Aires meeting. Built on […]


The TLD Universal Acceptance Project

by Francisco Arias on March 21, 2014

As the global Internet expansion continues to move forward, ICANN’s motto of, “One World, One Internet,” has never been a more apt rallying cry. The growing number of TLDs will doubtlessly affect us all, but the benefits are most likely to be felt most deeply by two very different groups. The first group is the […]


On Friday, March 14 the U.S. Government announced its intention to transition its stewardship responsibilities of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Functions to the global multistakeholder community—a key component of the Internet ecosystem. The IANA Functions are the Internet’s technical identifiers, specifically, the top-level domain names of the Domain Name System, IP addresses, and […]


Countdown to ICANN 49!

by ICANN Blog on March 17, 2014

by the APAC Team It’s one week before ICANN 49 in Singapore and the APAC hub office is buzzing with preparation to welcome the world that will descend upon us! We’ve come a long way (with much more to go) since establishing the APAC Hub in August, and we’re super excited to host the ICANN […]