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We need a translation expert – do you know one?

by Kieren McCarthy on August 27, 2008

ICANN is becoming a more multilingual organization and in doing so has spent a year, with some expert help and plenty of useful feedback from the community, developing and implementing a translation programme.

We have now reached the stage where we need someone with sufficient expertise and experience to be able to oversee that programme as ICANN moves to making translation a part of its everyday processes and systems.


The Future of the Internet – YouTubery in action

by Kieren McCarthy on June 2, 2008

There is a large OECD ministerial meeting in Seoul later this month (and just a week before the ICANN Paris meeting), that has as its title: “The Future of the Internet Economy”.

The technical community – including ICANN – is hosting a one-day conference prior to the two-day ministerial proper, where the world’s most powerful governments will look at what the future of this network is: the possibilities and the threats; the creative and the criminal; and the lessons learnt as well as the best policy approaches going forward. ICANN will be represented by CEO Paul Twomey. And Vint Cerf will also be there to provide his insights.


ICANN은 여러 언어로 작성된 기존 자료가 어떤 식으로 사용되고 있는지 정확히 파악하기 위해 영어를 포함한 11개 언어로 온라인 설문 조사를 실시하고 있습니다. 설문 조사 결과는 전 세계 모든 사람이 ICANN 자료를 보다 효과적으로 활용할 수 있는 방법을 모색하는 데 도움이 됩니다.

이번 설문 조사 결과는ICANN 번역 프로그램 초안에 대한 공개 협의 과정에서 중요한 참고 자료로 활용됩니다. ICANN 번역 프로그램의 사명은 영어를 잘 하지 못하는 사람도 영어를 유창하게 구사하는 사람과 동등한 수준으로 ICANN의 자료를활용하여 ICANN 작업에 적극 참여할 수 있게 하는 것입니다.

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