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At the joint meeting of ICANN’s advisory committees and supporting organizations in Sydney, a number of core issues and corresponding possible solutions were discussed and pulled into a summary document. We have put that document out in a radically different public comment period to allow for as much community discussion and collaboration as possible. The […]


Thème de la séance de discussion ACSO, Sydney

by Kieren McCarthy on June 15, 2009

La séance ACSO prévue le lundi 22 juin 2009 à Sydney se concentrera sur le thème suivant : ————– Améliorations institutionnelles Les rôles et les responsabilités des comités consultatifs (AC), des organisations de soutien (SO), du personnel chargé des politiques et du Conseil d’administration dans le cadre des processus de l’ICANN : la situation actuelle […]


La sesión de Comités Asesores y Organizaciones Auxiliares (ACSO) que se celebrará el lunes 22 de junio de 2009 en Sídney, se enfocará sobre el siguiente tema: ————– Mejoras Institucionales Los roles y responsabilidades de los Comités Asesores (ACs), Organizaciones Auxiliares (SOs), Personal de Políticas y Junta Directiva, en los procesos de la Corporación para […]

Agenda for the AC/SO joint meeting in Sydney

by Kieren McCarthy on June 5, 2009

Starting in Cairo in November 2008, the chairs of the different supporting organizations (SOs) and advisory committees (ACs) have held a joint meeting.

The idea was to find a formula for open communication that was more than a repeat of existing open microphone sessions. The chairs also wanted to create a forum that could break through the silos of discussion and communication in which ACs and SOs often operate. And, lastly, they wanted the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest and importance, and to have those topics suggested by ACSO members.

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Each time, feedback has been taken from the community and the session adjusted to reflect that. For Sydney, the decision has been taken to reduce the time taken on Monday to just one session of 90 minutes and to concentrate on a single topic (albeit with multiple arms).

ACSO Open Joint Sessions in Mexico

by Kieren McCarthy on February 12, 2009

On the Monday of the Mexico meeting, there will be a joint meeting of the Advisory Committees and Supporting Organisations. The objective of this “ACSO” session is to share views and perspectives on common issues in a way that will inform the discussions within those groups during the week.
The format is a discussion among selected members of each of the Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees. Each SO and AC will designate up to four people in order to represent a range of perspectives.

The meeting will be held in two 90-minute sessions, separated by a 30-minute break, and with a 30-minute feedback period at the end. There will be two broad discussion topics of common interest, with specific sub-questions. They are: