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This is a very brief blog post with quite the big content. Last week was a special week at ICANN, with several IDN milestones meet. Many were included in the 22 April 2010 ICANN Board meeting. The ICANN Board approved the first IDN ccTLD delegation requests for four countries. These countries are: Egypt, the Russian […]


The Public Participation Board Committee (PPC) is holding a public meeting on Wednesday in Sydney at 9am. In order to get the most out of that session, a backgrounder documents covering the topics that the Committee has been working on has been published. Those topics are: Status reports Document deadlines Language Calendar of meetings For […]

What the Board decided in May

by Kieren McCarthy on June 1, 2009

The Board made a number of important decisions at its May meeting. You can read the preliminary report online now at, but here is a quick rundown of the decisions made and their import.

  • A new registrars contract

After two years of work, a new contract covering the relationship between ICANN and registrars was approved by the Board.

The contract contains no less than 17 amendments and was the first overhaul of the contract since it was first approved in 2001. Read more in the official announcement:


Quels enseignements après un mois au Conseil du GNSO?

by Stephane Van Gelder on December 16, 2008

Depuis maintenant un peu plus de 30 jours, je suis au Conseil du GNSO. Que signifient ces quatre lettres ? Le “Generic Names Supporting Organization” est une des structures clefs de l’ICANN, puisqu’elle est en charge de l’élaboration des politiques liées aux extensions génériques. Le GNSO rassemble deux principaux groupes : les entités liées par contrat avec l’ICANN (les registres et les registrars) et celles qui n’ont pas ce type de liens contractuels (les fournisseurs d’accès à Internet (FAI), les utilisateurs commerciaux, et non commerciaux, et le secteur de la propriété industrielle).

Toutes ces entités sont regroupées en collèges afin de leur donner une représentation officielle au sein de l’ICANN.


Response and summary to the Cairo public forum

by Kieren McCarthy on December 15, 2008

This is a Response and Summary to the Cairo public forum that took place on 6 November 2008.

A PDF version of this document is available at:

Note from the Chairman:

One of the most significant features of ICANN meetings is the Public Forum, where members of the ICANN community are able to present their views on issues of concern to them to the ICANN Board, in public session. The fact that we rotate meetings through each of the geographic sectors of the world enhances the opportunity that people from every region to present their views to the ICANN Board, in the presence of Staff and the whole ICANN community.

As a long-time participant from the floor presenting views, in my case from the ccTLD community, I am well aware of the time, effort and expense that goes into the preparation of such statements. As a board member, I have valued hearing those submissions, from individuals, governments and constituencies. I am determined as Chair to continue this tradition, and to maximise the opportunities for information sharing it represents.

Nominating Committee selections announced

by Kieren McCarthy on September 5, 2008

The selections of the 2008 Nominating Committee have just been announced. They include:

• Two new Board members
• Two members of the ALAC
• One member of the ccNSO Council
• One member of the GNSO Council

In total, 78 individuals applied (13 female and 65 male). The geographic split saw 27 apply from Europe, 20 from North America, 15 from Africa, 14 from Asia-Pacific and 8 from Latin America and the Caribbean.


July magazine out

by Kieren McCarthy on July 23, 2008

The July edition of the ICANN magazine is out, emailed to subscribers and available for review online.

July magazineEach issue covers the latest news and events, plus outlines how you can interact with the organization. This month, alongside the usual policy rundown, compliance summary, Board meeting precis, public comment digest, and blog complendium, is a briefing note for the recent Paris meeting and some early details about the Cairo meeting.


Paris Briefing Note – overall summary of the meeting

by Kieren McCarthy on July 18, 2008

As with previous meetings, we have prepared a “briefing note” for Paris to act as a broad summary of what happened over the five days. It has been published on the Paris meeting site and we republish it below.

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May magazine out

by Kieren McCarthy on May 27, 2008

May issue of the ICANN magazineThe May issue of ICANN’s magazine is out, emailed to subscribers and available for review online.

Each issue covers the latest news and events, plus outlines how you can interact with the organization. It should also give you an insight into the upcoming month, including the upcoming meeting in Paris between 22 and 26 June. This issue is slightly different in that two parts of it — the Policy update and the Compliance section — are previews of new newsletters we produce each month.


The deadline for Statements of Interest for ICANN leadership positions through the 2008 Nominating Committee is 15 April 2008 23:59 UTC. If you are interested in applying for one of the positions listed below, see

The following positions are being filled this year:

* 2 Board Directors
* 1 GNSO Council member
* 1 ccNSO Council member
* 2 ALAC members (who will represent Europe and North American regions)