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2008 Annual Report published

by Kieren McCarthy on January 5, 2009

Our Annual Report has been published, covering the organization’s achievements and progress during 2008.

The report includes information on the three major initiatives ICANN undertook last year (and continues with this year): the process for introducing new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) to the Internet; the introduction for the first time of internationalized domain names (IDNs); and an extensive Improving Institutional Confidence consultation, to enable the conclusion of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) with the United States government in September 2009.

Reports from the chairs of ICANN’s Supporting Organization and Advisory Organizations are included alongside detailed rundowns of each department by the organization’s staff.

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L’ICANN est en pleine préparation pour sa prochaine réunion internationale, qui aura lieu à Paris du 22 au 27 juin 2008. Les trois réunions annuelles de ce type sont véritablement au cœur du fonctionnement de l’ICANN. Elles permettent à l’ensemble de la communauté de se retrouver et d’échanger. Et celle de Paris promet d’être particulièrement réussie. On s’attend même à y battre des records d’affluence !


During the New Delhi meeting, I made a presentation on ICANN’s goal of creating a documented, consistent policy that makes it clear when, for whom, and how ICANN will provide travel support for volunteers who make ICANN’s community-based work possible.

While lots of valuable input came from that meeting, I made a commitment to host an online forum to collect further input. While this is not a formal ICANN process, input is being sought and will be used in the spirit of ICANN’s commitment to openness and transparency.


What does the IDN wiki give us?

by Tina Dam on February 22, 2008

One topic that kept being misunderstood at the ICANN meeting in India was ‘what is the purpose of the IDN wiki’ – the example.test site that are actual IDN TLDs in the root. I’ll try to explain what is going on with the wiki and what it can and cannot be used for.

First some background and clarifying information. Having your script/language represented in the wiki is not a pre-requisite for eventually getting an IDN TLD in the root. These 11 languages/scripts are merely being used to evaluate usability of IDNs in applications. The “example.test” strings in the wiki were translated into the specified languages and then represented by the associated scripts.


Participation and network issues for Delhi meeting

by Kieren McCarthy on February 12, 2008

As many of the remote participants have noticed, we have been having network problems at the ICANN meeting in Delhi, which is impacting remote participation.

As soon as the technicians have sorted out the problem, we will come back with an explanation and update this post with details.


Tips and Tricks for New Delhi

by Veni Markovski on February 8, 2008

Since the ICANN meeting starts in New Delhi, I decided to inform you about the cool places to go, while you are here.

Places to see:
The Friday Mosk, the President’s Palace, the old city, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar. There are many more, but these are some of the ones you will not miss.


When can I register domain names under IDN TLDs?

by Tina Dam on February 6, 2008

ICANN hears this question all the time at meetings, events, in different online forums, on the wiki, and in emails and phone calls. The great challenge is it the answer isn’t the specific “as of this date” answer so many people want to hear. Because of the nature of some critical functions that still needs to be finalized, such as for example the policy process, we’re only able to provide an estimate.

Right now both the GNSO and the ccNSO are taking a look at how IDNs can be introduced or delegated at the top-level – how you can get, say, all-Arabic-cahracters after the dot in a domain name. ICANN have processes for delgation of ccTLDs and there have been a couple of rounds in the past years for introduction of new gTLDs, but none of these included IDN TLDs.


Les points forts de New Delhi

by Stephane Van Gelder on January 23, 2008

Dans quelques jours se tiendra la première des trois réunions internationales de l’ICANN de l’année. Jetons un œil sur ce qui devraient être les principaux sujets de New Delhi.

Le JPA, un point clef pour l’avenir de l’ICANN, sera bien entendu au cœur des discussions. D’autant plus que la fin de la période d’appels à commentaires sur ce dossier coïncide avec la fin de la réunion de New Delhi.

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