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DNSSEC on IDN .test zones

by Richard Lamb on February 29, 2008

Yesterday ICANN began DNSSEC signing the IDN .test zones. Over the next few days, we will be testing and carefully monitoring the system. It is not expected that DNSSEC or the testing will have any effect on normal DNS operations. Any user experiences or problems or feedback should be reported to <>. This deployment is intended to demonstrate certain capabilities and also provide both ICANN and those interested in DNSSEC an opportunity to gain further experience with this new technology.


ICANN опубликовала официальное заключение, касающееся Промежуточного обзора (Midterm Review). В этом документе содержатся итоги разработки соглашения JPA (Joint Partner Agreement), которое должно быть заключено между корпорацией и Министерством торговли США.

В опубликованном заключении (pdf) говорится о том, что окончательная версия JPA станет очередным шагом на пути к независимости ICANN и выводу системы доменных имен (DNS) из-под контроля Правительства США.

A Root with a view…

by John L. Crain on November 26, 2007

Running a DNS server that serves the root gives an interesting view into the world of the DNS.With the ongoing improvements to the ICANN operated L-ROOT we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to make use of the “DNS Statistics Collector” tool.


There are not 13 root servers

by Kim Davies on November 15, 2007

I am at the UN Internet Governance Forum, being held this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A recurring theme you can hear here is one that has vexed the technical community many times before — “Why are there 13 root servers?” This question is usually followed by questions like “Why are most of the root servers in the US?”

So let’s dispel these myths.

There are not 13 root servers.