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Briefing Note: Overall Summary of the Cairo Meeting

by Kieren McCarthy on December 17, 2008

This Briefing Note for the Cairo meeting was first published on the Cairo meeting site on 13 November (see: It was reprinted the following day in the November edition of the ICANN magazine (see:

What was it?

ICANN’s 33nd international public meeting was the third held this year to conduct policy development and outreach. It was hosted by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and the Government of Egypt.

The meeting was opened by Dr. Tarek Mohamed Kamel, Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology. There were 1,702 attendees from 144 different countries. The participants engaged in a wide range of discussions about the Internet’s domain name system and related issues.


Response and summary to the Cairo public forum

by Kieren McCarthy on December 15, 2008

This is a Response and Summary to the Cairo public forum that took place on 6 November 2008.

A PDF version of this document is available at:

Note from the Chairman:

One of the most significant features of ICANN meetings is the Public Forum, where members of the ICANN community are able to present their views on issues of concern to them to the ICANN Board, in public session. The fact that we rotate meetings through each of the geographic sectors of the world enhances the opportunity that people from every region to present their views to the ICANN Board, in the presence of Staff and the whole ICANN community.

As a long-time participant from the floor presenting views, in my case from the ccTLD community, I am well aware of the time, effort and expense that goes into the preparation of such statements. As a board member, I have valued hearing those submissions, from individuals, governments and constituencies. I am determined as Chair to continue this tradition, and to maximise the opportunities for information sharing it represents.


New gTLD video with Kurt Pritz

by Kieren McCarthy on December 12, 2008

During the recent meeting in Cairo, ICANN together with produced a number of videos covering the main sessions and topics, with each video fronted by a member of either the staff or a chair of the relevant supporting organization or advisory committee.

You can find all of those videos posted on the Cairo site at , and we will also be posted all ICANN videos on the main site under a new tab “Videos”.

This video features Senior Vice President of Services, Kurt Pritz, talking about the session he ran on the recently released Applicant Guidebook, going through it with attendees and taking questions and comments.


Here’s how we enter the .future

by Kieren McCarthy on October 24, 2008

So, after years of policy and development work, yesterday ICANN released a draft version of the Applicant Guidebook for those interested in applying for a new “generic top-level domain”.

Or, as Associated Press put it “preliminary guidelines for the introduction of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of alternatives to ‘.com’ in the first sweeping changes to the network’s 25-year-old address system.”

A huge amount of thinking and work has gone into this, as anyone who reads the six-module guidebook and the accompanying explanatory memoranda will realise. But because it is such a complex issue – opening up the Internet like never before – we need more eyes on it than the GNSO representatives and the ICANN staff that have got it to this point.


Asia-Pacific Registry/Registrar Regional Gathering Concluded

by Craig Schwartz on September 15, 2008

On 10-11 September 2008, ICANN hosted its third Asia/Pacific regional gathering in Seoul, Korea. The regional gathering approach to broadening participation in the ICANN process for gTLD registries and ICANN-accredited registrars was first introduced in February 2005 in Brussels, Belgium. And, since that time, ICANN has conducted annually three outreach events – one each in the Asia/Pacific, Europe and North America regions. As the participation in the community continues to expand to all parts of the world, ICANN anticipates adjusting the model to include other areas such as Latin America/Caribbean Islands, South America, Africa and the Middle East.


Noticias em Português

by Karla Valente on September 10, 2008

Como Brasileira, e uma grande satisfação poder ler as noticias publicadas pela ICANN em Português. Espero que isso aumente a participação e interesse dos internautas no Brasil e outros paises de lingua portuguesa. A ICANN agradece o Registro .br por ter dedicado tempo e recursos nessa iniciativa. Um grande exemplo de cooperação e parceria.


Paris Briefing Note – overall summary of the meeting

by Kieren McCarthy on July 18, 2008

As with previous meetings, we have prepared a “briefing note” for Paris to act as a broad summary of what happened over the five days. It has been published on the Paris meeting site and we republish it below.

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Main IDN User Question

by Tina Dam on June 26, 2008

One of the main IDN questions asked by end-users in the last few months, and that have been discussed during the ICANN Paris meeting in the recent week is as follows:

“If I have registered <domainname>.tld, then how will you ensure that I am also the registrant of <domainname>.<idn-tld>, for all languages.”


Les entreprises se préparent à la réunion de Paris

by Stephane Van Gelder on June 15, 2008

Vendredi dernier, dans les locaux du MEDEF avenue Bosquet à Paris, était organisée une séance de familiarisation avec l’ICANN. Au programme, des explications sur la structure de l’ICANN et le fonctionnement de ses réunions internationales. Ainsi l’agenda de la réunion de Paris a-t-il été détaillé pour permettre aux nombreux représentants d’entreprises présents (une cinquantaine d’entreprises étaient représentées) de mieux identifier les ateliers ou plénières les plus intéressants pour eux. Y a été expliqué le principe, nouveau pour la réunion de Paris, de rendez-vous “business” regroupant sous la bannière “Business Access Events” ces évènements destinés plus spécifiquement aux entreprises.


Les innovations et les points forts de Paris

by Stephane Van Gelder on April 16, 2008

Le format des réunions ICANN est en perpétuelle évolution. Parce que le nombre de participants est en forte croissance. Parce que les sujets à aborder et les publics à toucher ne sont pas toujours les mêmes. Enfin, parce que chaque réunion à ses propres contingences.

Ainsi, pour Paris, plusieurs nouveautés sont au programme. Les habitués remarqueront le planning raccourci d’un jour. Traditionnellement, les réunions se terminent le vendredi matin par la réunion du Conseil d’administration. Pour Paris, cette réunion a été avancée au jeudi. Une modification finalement assez complexe à mettre en œuvre, puisqu’il a fallu retravailler plusieurs éléments du planning et pas uniquement la réunion du Conseil. Le but de cette semaine raccourcie est de réduire les coûts, mais aussi de laisser aux participants le loisir de profiter de Paris au mois de juin s’ils le souhaitent.