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First 4 IDN ccTLDs through String Evaulation

by Tina Dam on January 21, 2010

The first four IDN ccTLD requests has just been announced as having completed the String Evaulation portion of the Fast Track Process. These are associated with: Egypt, the Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. See the full announcement here: So what does that mean? It means that these may now initiate the […]


4 days in the Fast Track Process

by Tina Dam on November 19, 2009

Just a brief message to keep you up to date. As of 00:00 UTC today – 4 days after the launch of the Fast Track Process we have new requests coming in. The total number is 10 requests. They spread over 5 different languages. Details about the process is at: Please keep asking questions. […]


Fast Track Status Update

by Tina Dam on November 16, 2009

The IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process was successfully launched, as planned on 16 November 2009. It was done at exactly 00:00UTC with a very joyful count-down by the Fast Track Staff Team – followed by a wooohooo The launch went smoothly. We have since monitored the system and everything is working. As of 10pm Pacific […]


Next Generation Internet Users?

by Tina Dam on November 14, 2009

As we (at ICANN staff) have been preparing for the Fast Track launch, for tomorrow, it was suggested to me that I write a blog post about it. I could have written about all the hard work, the long hours, the aggressive testing of the online system, keeping it simple and yet flexible for all […]


Seoul meeting briefing note

by Kieren McCarthy on November 6, 2009

Briefing Note – Overall Summary of the Seoul Meeting What was it? ICANN’s 36th international public meeting was the last of three held annually to conduct policy development and outreach. It was hosted by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency), a public agency that plays a […]


DNSSEC Signed ROOT by July 1, 2010

by 0c4g78x on October 8, 2009

ICANN Lisbon meeting in 2007 was perhaps one of the most successful and fun meetings I had attended as a staff member. This week I have returned to the same venue in Lisbon , Portugal with different feelings , duties and priorities. My excitement have reached to the utmost levels even though this wasn’t my […]


The Conficker worm that has infected hosts across the Internet continues to evolve. At this point, we do not believe cause exists for general alarm, but the Internet community must continue to take action against Conficker. ICANN continues to engage in collaborative efforts with security researchers, software & anti-virus vendors and with registries and registrars […]


6 week IDNwiki report – user statistics

by Tina Dam on November 26, 2007

The IDNwiki was released at 4.10am PDT 15 October 2007 (UTC – 7hours). Now, 6 weeks later, here are some updated user statistics and related information. As mentioned previously we will also provide a report that focuses on the initial results with the evaluation of fully localized domain names, as the wiki has been set […]


IDN wiki – 1Week Stats Update

by Tina Dam on October 23, 2007

This is an update to the blog post at: Page Requests and Users: After a week the total number of page requests served is: 128.267 Divided among the IDNwikis this is: Chinese/Chinese: 37.56% Cyrillic/Russian: 28.05% IDN Main gateway: 15.48% Arabic/Arabic: 4.67% Arabic/Persian: 2.93% Tamil/Tamil: 2.20% Hebrew/Yiddish: 2.03% Devanagari/Hindi: 1.03% Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana/Japanese: 1.78% Greek/Greek: […]