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Do you believe in Transition?

by Paul Levins on January 9, 2008

This blog is one year old.

What better way to celebrate that fact than by telling you about ICANN’s latest report card. Usually you get a report card when you transition from one grade or semester to another. This report card is all about transition too.

When I say report card I’m being a little flippant because I’m referring to our submission to the mid term review of the Joint Project Agreement that ICANN signed with the United States Department of Commerce back in September 2006. The submission [pdf] is much more than a report card, although it does report on ICANN’s activities.


Annual report released

by Kieren McCarthy on December 23, 2007

Annual Report 2007This year’s Annual Report, covering in detail ICANN’s achievements and progress over the past 12 months, has been released.

You can view it as a pdf here.

The report contains a full rundown of ICANN and its work, including information on its mission, values and structure; messages from retiring chairman Vint Cerf, incoming chair Peter Dengate Thrush, and president and CEO Paul Twomey; a section demonstrating progress on the completion of the Joint Project Agreement with the United States government; a run-through of this year’s international meetings, as well as the work carried out by the different supporting organisations and advisory committees; a section on ICANN’s Strategic Plan and Operating Plan; a section on ICANN’s different divisions; and finally the annual report from ICANN’s auditors and a glossary of terms.