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If you are a regular ICANN community member, it is likely you are currently feeling overwhelmed by the amount of material that has appeared in the past week. So here is a quick guide to help make sense of it all. Sections are: JPA/Affirmation Applicant Guidebook/new gTLDs Fast Track/IDNs Public comment periods Seoul meeting And […]


At the joint meeting of ICANN’s advisory committees and supporting organizations in Sydney, a number of core issues and corresponding possible solutions were discussed and pulled into a summary document. We have put that document out in a radically different public comment period to allow for as much community discussion and collaboration as possible. The […]


The Public Participation Board Committee (PPC) is holding a public meeting on Wednesday in Sydney at 9am. In order to get the most out of that session, a backgrounder documents covering the topics that the Committee has been working on has been published. Those topics are: Status reports Document deadlines Language Calendar of meetings For […]

Tell us what you think – public comment rundown

by Kieren McCarthy on February 18, 2009

In the build up to every ICANN meeting, there is always a glut of public comment periods as reports are finished in time for the community to review them before discussing them in person.

Mexico City is no exception. Although this time, it is very much easier to get a quick overview of what is out from public comment from the front page of the ICANN website (the third box down on the right). Just to present you with another avenue to finding out about these public comment periods however, there are all listed below with quick explanations of what they are and the dates when they close.


Applicant Guidebook update

by Kieren McCarthy on January 12, 2009

The first public comment period on the Draft Applicant Guidebook for new gTLDs has closed. The period opened on 24 October 2008, and was 76 days long after it closed 7 January to account for later publication of the Guidebook in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. ICANN continued to receive and accept English comments received until the January 7 deadline considering the end of year holidays.

The comment period received over 300 comments from participants from 24 different countries. Among the many participants were individuals and organizations representing intellectual property interests, brand owners, business owners, ICANN supporting organizations, domain name industry players, and governments.

“This level of interest and feedback to the Draft Guidebook shows that the comment process is working. All the comments and concerns will be considered and a response will be provided” said Paul Levins, Executive Officer and Vice President Corporate Affairs.


What changes do you want to see to the ICANN magazine in 2009?

by Kieren McCarthy on December 23, 2008

The monthly magazine was first published in August 2008 in order to give the community a monthly update of what ICANN was working on and what had happened recently. At the time, it was very difficult to follow what the organization was actually doing unless you attended phone conferences and scoured the website for information.

A huge amount has changed in that time. There is now a monthly Policy Update, a Compliance newsletter ; this blog – recently redesigned; the public comment page, Board minutes, dashboard stats, videos, a redesigned website, meeting websites, and so on.

Which leads to the question: What role does the magazine now serve?


Applicant Guidebook comment period update

by Kieren McCarthy on December 22, 2008

The first comment period for the Applicant Guidebook has now closed for English speakers, and will close on 7 January for those responding in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish.

The responses sent in will now be carefully compiled and summarized. In the New Year, this summary will be published and soon thereafter, suggested alterations to the Guidebook based on that feedback will be put back out to the community.

The revised Guidebook will then be put out to a second comment period in order to enable fine tuning.


July magazine out

by Kieren McCarthy on July 23, 2008

The July edition of the ICANN magazine is out, emailed to subscribers and available for review online.

July magazineEach issue covers the latest news and events, plus outlines how you can interact with the organization. This month, alongside the usual policy rundown, compliance summary, Board meeting precis, public comment digest, and blog complendium, is a briefing note for the recent Paris meeting and some early details about the Cairo meeting.


Public Comments Wanted on ORG Proposal

by Patrick Jones on April 28, 2008

ICANN is currently seeking comments on Public Interest Registry’s proposed implementation of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) in .ORG. Information on the proposal can be found at this announcement, and at

In order for comments to be considered by the Review Team, please send comments by 23:59 UTC 24 May 2008 to

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Latest issue of ICANN magazine out

by Kieren McCarthy on April 14, 2008

April issue of ICANN magazineThe April issue of ICANN’s magazine is out. It was emailed to subscribers on Friday night and has been posted online today, Monday 14 April.

In it, we provide updates on three policy areas: translation, SSAC, and new gTLDs. It also provide summaries of all 2008 Board meetings so far; interviews with the CEO and NomCom chair Hagen Hultzsch; the history behind ICANN’s efforts to deal with domain tasting; and sections covering recent blog discussions, public comment periods, and other ICANN-related news.