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Video Top Ten

by Kieren McCarthy on July 13, 2009

As many of you will hopefully be aware, we have new video software in place and most visible on our video webpage at, yes, Videos are uploaded and tagged and so more easily discoverable. Each meeting’s videos are also archived on a video page on that meeting’s website e.g. And since we now […]


Video update to the Applicant Guidebook process

by Kieren McCarthy on February 4, 2009

So, no doubt you have all been wondering what exactly ICANN and its staff have been up to over January with respect to the Applicant Guidebook and the reams of comments covering the new generic top-level domain process.

In order to provide some answers and perspective, ICANN’s most senior executives dealing with the process – the CEO Paul Twomey, the COO Doug Brent and the Senior Vice President for Services Kurt Pritz – have done a video update on where we are now and where the process is going.

You can see it on the right-hand-side of this post. Enjoy.


IDN and gTLD introductory sessions video

by Kieren McCarthy on January 5, 2009

During the Cairo meeting in, ICANN together with produced a number of videos covering the main sessions and topics, with each video fronted by a member of either the staff or a chair of the relevant supporting organization or advisory committee.

You can find all of those videos posted on the Cairo site at, and we also post ICANN videos on the main site under the main tab “Videos”.

This video features two of ICANN’s project managers – Tina Dam and IDNs, and Karla Valente and new gTLDs – talking about the sessions they were due to run on the first day of the conference where introductions were given to their two topic areas.


Bienvenue a Paris

by Kieren McCarthy on June 17, 2008

The Paris meeting beings next week, and we are extremely grateful to receive this video from the boys at – acting as an ad for the conference. will also be filming the meeting and preparing edited highlights of the biggest sessions of each day.

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