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IDN wiki – adding Urdu and Thai

by Tina Dam on June 6, 2008

As you may know by now ICANN has launched an IDN wiki, with fully localized addresses, which is managed by a GREAT wiki team (consultants to ICANN) and a GREAT group of moderators that have volunteered to assist is supporting the various languages that the wiki currently is enabled in.

Is it possible to add new languages, and since we last announced this possibility ( ) we received requests for a few more.


Adding Amharic and Hebrew to the IDN wiki

by Tina Dam on March 20, 2008

The IDN wiki was launched in October 2007 to provide a test environment of IDNs that is open and available to all interested parties. The IDNwiki was initially based on the eleven example.test domains listed on the main page ( with articles and discussion in each of the indicated languages.

Although there currently are no plans for establishing further .test top-level domains, separate facets of IDNwiki can be established in additional languages. The first two such language extensions have just been made available:


What does the IDN wiki give us?

by Tina Dam on February 22, 2008

One topic that kept being misunderstood at the ICANN meeting in India was ‘what is the purpose of the IDN wiki’ – the example.test site that are actual IDN TLDs in the root. I’ll try to explain what is going on with the wiki and what it can and cannot be used for.

First some background and clarifying information. Having your script/language represented in the wiki is not a pre-requisite for eventually getting an IDN TLD in the root. These 11 languages/scripts are merely being used to evaluate usability of IDNs in applications. The “example.test” strings in the wiki were translated into the specified languages and then represented by the associated scripts.


When can I register domain names under IDN TLDs?

by Tina Dam on February 6, 2008

ICANN hears this question all the time at meetings, events, in different online forums, on the wiki, and in emails and phone calls. The great challenge is it the answer isn’t the specific “as of this date” answer so many people want to hear. Because of the nature of some critical functions that still needs to be finalized, such as for example the policy process, we’re only able to provide an estimate.

Right now both the GNSO and the ccNSO are taking a look at how IDNs can be introduced or delegated at the top-level – how you can get, say, all-Arabic-cahracters after the dot in a domain name. ICANN have processes for delgation of ccTLDs and there have been a couple of rounds in the past years for introduction of new gTLDs, but none of these included IDN TLDs.


6 week IDNwiki report – user statistics

by Tina Dam on November 26, 2007

The IDNwiki was released at 4.10am PDT 15 October 2007 (UTC – 7hours). Now, 6 weeks later, here are some updated user statistics and related information. As mentioned previously we will also provide a report that focuses on the initial results with the evaluation of fully localized domain names, as the wiki has been set […]